IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-02-04

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pedjawhy are 3.5 updates flooding the ml :) ?10:36
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ryuopedja: a developer had a case of explosive diahrea? :D14:19
frinnstbranch merging and nobody has excluded 3.5 mails15:33
jaegerfrinnst, jue: any objection to me altering the hook to exclude 3.5 mails for now? (or any dev branch we designate in the future, really)15:39
jaegerthe IRC notifications were already excluded but not emails15:39
jaegerAt least the notify emails I think should be stopped to the main crux ML. the ones to crux-commits@ are fine, in my opinion15:39
juejaeger: I agree, no objections15:53
frinnstplease do16:31
jaegerWill do. Only question is if it's better to have a version whitelist (for example, only allow notifications through for 3.4 and 3.5 after the 3.5 release) or just convert the branch name to a float and check if the branch is greater than release branch16:34
jaegerThe latter would require less touching in the future but if we ever called a branch X.Y-dev or something, would break16:34
frinnstwell we always need to touch some stuff with each release, no?16:35
frinnstirc announcements etc16:35
jaegeryeah, true16:35
jaegerWell, for the notification hook, I was planning to unify the check for IRC or email16:36
jaegerbut in general, yes, there's manual stuff for each release16:36
frinnstah ok16:36
frinnstas you probably can tell I have no strong preference. As long as we know what we have to do with a new release :-)16:37
jaegerfair enough :)16:37
jaegerI'll go with a whitelist for now and if we don't like that, it's easy to change16:37
jaegerOK, I updated the git hook, hopefully that will work well. See 377413fd1d8257b520cd0be287f2e329eaafbb91 in the gitolite repo if you want the details18:19
jaegerI set it up to notify for the current and previous releases, so 3.4 and 3.3 for now18:21
jaegerwhen 3.5 is released, will update it to 3.5 and 3.418:21
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