IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-02-08

ryuojaeger: never expected to see a SBC based on a 64 bit x86 SOC that's also arduino compatible (supposedly).00:00
jaegerAh. Just wondered because that's been around for a long time, right? Like years... or maybe just not in that configuration?00:01
ryuothat's not a typical use case for x86, so it came as a surprise to me.00:01
jaeger(sorry if I'm being dumb, haven't really followed them)00:01
ryuojaeger: well, all the x86 ones i saw were largely using obsolete x86.00:01
jaegerah, ok00:02
ryuopc duino, vertex 86, were generally built with 32 bit only setups.00:02
ryuointel galileo as well.00:02
ryuojaeger: usually PC boards aren't equipped for this kind of work. that's usually ARM boards if anything.00:03
ryuothat's what makes it a rather rare novelty.00:03
ryuonot sure what benefit this lattepanda is, but i guess it's more convenient if you want to write programs to drive stuff directly from your work computer instead of uploading it first.00:04
jaegermakes sense00:05
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