IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-02-09

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ryuoHello folks. I have a request. Would it be possible to modify the official sysklogd rc.d script to run klogd with the -s parameter? This fixes the hang I observed during boots of the service in an LXD container. What it does is tell klogd to use the system call interface instead of whatever it does by default.06:04
ryuo"-s     Force klogd to use the system call interface to the kernel message buffers."06:05
ryuoExcerpt from the manpage.06:05
ryuoI would also like to add some entries to /etc/inittab, commented out by default, for people using CRUX in a container. They configure sysvinit so container shutdown and console work correctly. See here:06:07
ryuoit's the con and pf lines.06:07
ryuoon second though, perhaps ignore the con line. it has its own issues. the pf one is the only essential one.06:16
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frinnstryuo: can you do git patches? looks cleaner if/when we eventually commit16:33
ryuofrinnst: ok.21:21
ryuofrinnst: first done:
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ryuofrinnst: second done:
ryuofrinnst: eventually i may want to add building an LXC/LXD image to distribute separate from the ISO, but i'm still working on patching usability issues for a better OOBE.22:51

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