IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-02-14

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juejaeger: no objections to add such a menu09:10
ryuothe next step is to remove lilo entirely. D:09:42
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frinnstI thought you guys were against it? That was my only worry about 3.512:35
frinnst+1 for a menu12:35
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jaegerI'm not against it. I think "advanced linux users" should be able to figure out a bootloader on their own but I don't object to convenience features out of hand :)14:50
pedja'advanced linux users' are as lazy as anyone else :)14:51
ryuoif that were true, they'd be using Ubuntu.14:54
pedjawho says they doesn't?14:54
pedjaspeaking of boot loaders, I hear that a new grub2 release is almost here14:55
ryuopedja: sure is. i can hardly wait for my new boots. D:14:57
pedjaI am a fan of Cat/Timberland ones myself :)14:58
pedjaI like my shoes like my linux distributions, robust14:59
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