IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-02-22

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jueFYI, just merged core and opt11:11
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jaegeryou mean merged 3.4 into 3.5 for both core and opt? hopefully that vs. merged core and opt together :)15:06
juethe first one :)15:32
juejaeger: 3.5 seems to be in a quite good shape, what do you think, are we ready for a test release?15:35
juebtw, here's the diff between the kernel-headers from 4.19.13 to 4.19.24 ->
jueI see two fixes, maybe we should upgrade?15:57
jaegerno objections from me16:08
jaegerfor either a test release or kernel upgrade16:08
jueok, I'll prepare a glibc/glibc-32 update then16:15
ryuocould i get someone to incorporate my patches from awhile ago?16:25
ryuofor core packages.16:25
ryuominor adjustments to make them more compatible with LXC.16:25
juelooks ok, no objections from my side16:29
ryuoone just tells klogd to use the system call API, which i presume works better with LXC.16:30
ryuootherwise klogd hangs and holds up the boot process.16:30
ryuothe other adds an entry so sysvinit can be told to shutdown the container when it receives SIGPWR, which is how LXC stops containers.16:30
ryuosends SIGPWR to process 1 of the container.16:31
juejaeger, frinnst: ?16:34
jaegerI have no objections16:42
jueok, guess frinnst will agree too16:46
jaegerI will spend some time this weekend on building a test ISO16:55
juegreat :)17:05
frinnstyeah I will18:34
frinnstjust forgot about them to be honest :-)18:34
frinnstbtw gcc 8.3 was just released. bugfix release for the 8.x branch. I'll do a build and push to 3.518:37
frinnstbtw have you pushed the pam stuff?18:40
frinnstah, missed that18:41
frinnstgoodie \o/18:41
nomius_file URL in 3.4 is broken19:01
jaegerok, will look at it. For the short term you can get it from one of the distfiles mirrors like
ryuojue: thanks.19:34
ryuoi'll let you know if i find anything else that needs patching for LXC that might be suitable.19:37
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jaegerwvdial is removed, right?21:30
frinnstyeah im pretty sure22:57
frinnstwe talked about it atleast22:58
jaegeryeah, I remember some talk about it22:59
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jaegertoolchain build is looking good so far23:44
frinnstgoodie goodie23:48

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