IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-02-27

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jaegerok, a 3.5-test0 ISO is *finally* uploading to, sorry that took so long06:17
jaegerryuo: I think I tried newt years ago but haven't looked at it recently. Might be worth another look06:19
ryuojaeger: i used it only because i wanted to make a custom UI.06:19
ryuofor scripting it might be no better than dialog.06:19
ryuoit was the least sucky way to create one without resorting to using ncurses for everything06:20
ryuoand i went through a lot of libs before i reached that conclusion.06:20
ryuoYAST, some opensuse thing, had a C++ library for multiple frontends, including TUIS.06:21
ryuoNo idea if it's still maintained.06:21
ryuoNEWT, of course.06:21
ryuoDialog, had a rather limited C API that i recall.06:21
ryuoCDK was also a thing. Didn't like it. Forget why.06:22
jaegerI haven't messed with much besides dialog and whiptail/newt that one time06:24
ryuobut i was looking for a TUI toolkit at the time i wrote that installer.06:25
jaegerI made a little pygtk app for sending dicom around a network at my last job, that was kinda fun06:27
frinnstnice. im surprised its still that big. thought losing rust would help a lot. but i suppose its just "general bloat"06:45
frinnstwill give it a spin07:02
juejaeger: thanks, will try it later today09:56
juefrinnst: shall I push the sysvinit update or will you do it?10:26
frinnstgo ahead. I'm running it at home but havent rebooted or done any real testing10:26
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