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juejaeger: I did a fresh install today, all good17:16
jueonly one or two times 3.4 instead 3.517:18
jaegerSounds like a good first test :) I'm backing up one of my machines now to do a few tests on it as well17:28
jaegergoing to do 3.5 upgrade first, then a clean install17:29
jaegerwhere did you see 3.4? I'll fix those before the next ISO17:29
jueat the start of init, there's a string -> CRUX 3.4 - http://crux.nu17:35
jueIIRC :)17:35
jaegerok, cool17:36
jaegerNo doubt I missed some, I didn't think to do a grep until after I built the ISO :)17:36
jaegeryeah, somehow I lost a git diff where I had changed them, oops18:57
jaegerwe'll need to update the handbook for the bootloader changes19:20
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frinnstjust finished a esxi 6.7 install and tried the test iso21:40
frinnstseems to panic with 1gb of ram21:40
frinnstwe need to update the minimum requirements :-)21:40
jaegeroof, heh21:43
frinnstwow 5.0-rc8 source is 917mb decompressed21:45
frinnstnice work with the bootloader menu21:50
frinnsttwo thumbs up :D21:50
jaegerThanks :D22:00
frinnstis ipv6 missing from the iso kernel? i see it's not selected by default22:01
jaegerI'm booted into my physical upgrade system, upgrade went fine. Gonna revdep/rebuild/update and make sure it's all good22:01
frinnstcome on, jump on the ipv6 train. we have cake!22:01
jaegerhrmm, I guess it's not. No objections to enabling it, I use ipv6 as well22:02
jaegerHaven't needed it during install but won't hurt to enable it and have it in the defconfig22:02
frinnstyeah probably not needed in most cases22:04
frinnstdo you have a native dualstack from your isp? or use it at work?22:04
frinnstmy new years resolution was to insist on dualstack on all new customer networks :-)22:05
frinnstsweden are soo far behind with ipv6, its pathetic22:05
frinnst"A minimum of 192MB system memory is required to install CRUX from CD-ROM or removable flash drive."22:11
jaegerlittle bit outdated, hehe22:11
jaegerI'll probably add a stanza to setup-helper that injects python-markupsafe and python-setuptools if python-mako is installed, too22:15
jaegerbecause it's conceivable that you might have python-mako installed but NOT mesa3d22:15
jaegerSo we should catch both cases22:15
frinnsthum. grub-install generates a error: unknown filesystem. xfs22:15
frinnstah, good catch22:15
jaegerhrmm, I wonder what causes the grub error22:25
frinnstyeah. i'll see if i can reproduce it tomorrow. too late now22:26
jaegerok. I'll see if I can as well22:26
pedjathere is a new vdpau release, 1.2. switched to meson as a build system :)22:30
frinnstit's not going away22:31
frinnstgnome even called "./configure; make; make install" the "gnome build api" or something similar a few years ago22:32
jaegerI wonder if we should consider going back towards a slimmer install media in terms of RAM requirements22:34
pedjawell, they are special snowflakes, aren't they22:35
jaegerthe whole reason it needs so much RAM is because the entire rootfs gets copied to tmpfs so the install media can be unmounted (and it's much faster, of course)22:35
jaegerBut I wonder how often people need that functionality. I'm the one who created it and I haven't needed it in a LONG Time22:35
jaegerSpeed issues are less of a thing now that USB is so prevalent rather than actual CDROM media22:36
pedjaI would not bother with that22:36
frinnstwhen did you implement the current install media scheme?22:36
jaegerI think it was the 2.6-newmedia branch which is 8 years old now22:37
frinnstyeah while nobody installs from an actual cdrom these days I think assuming the install media being RW can cause all sorts of issues22:37
jaegerBeing RW wasn't the intent anyway, just speed and the ability to unmount the media if needed22:38
jaegerThis isn't something I want to change before 3.5 is released but it's on my mind. I may spend some time on testing the non-tmpfs method22:40
pedjaACTION is traditionally using for upgrades22:40
frinnstah right22:41
pedjausb ports on my machine are...temperamental22:41
frinnstgrub-install worked fine on btrfs btw22:42
frinnstgod damn vmware html5 console and keymaps..22:44
frinnsthave to run loadkeys us to get a somewhat swedish keymap :)22:44
frinnstoh what a lovely nic-name: eno1678003222:46
frinnstshit its late22:53
jaegergo to sleep! hehe22:59
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jaegertek__: looks like cyrus-sasl needs an update to 2.1.27 to build on 3.523:21
jaegerlooks like it builds fine with the bump and removal of the CVE patch23:24
frinnstyeah I have a 2.1.27-rc7 port of it23:57

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