IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-03-02

frinnstjaeger: think i've found another issue with test0. harfbuzz and freetype have an odd relationship. I assume you build both with the ISO? if so harfbuzz will not be installable without rebuilding freetype afterwards00:21
frinnstwe should probably build freetype with --with-harfbuzz=no00:23
jaegeryeah, they're both part of the ISO build00:24
frinnstoh right, i'm the maintainer of both00:24
jaegerI'm planning to build a new ISO this weekend so feel free to push any updates you want to test00:25
jaegerjue: is the xfs problem present in 3.4 or just 3.5?03:00
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ryuojaeger: i've seen how prt-get sometimes stalls on ipv6 hosts that aren't routable for one reason or another... would adding an ipv4 only option make sense i wonder?05:32
ryuowget supports it. just pass -4 or so.05:32
jaegerOr make it prefer ipv4 first if that's possible?05:33
ryuothat is an option.05:34
ryuoseems best to add to pkgmk.05:35
ryuoi'll get on that.05:36
jaegerwould be nice if things worked well enough to prefer ipv6 in general05:36
ryuoseems we're due for a new pkgutils release anyway.05:36
ryuoSeems there's nothing I need to do.05:37
ryuoPKGMK_WGET_OPTS can be used instead.05:37
jaegerjue: grub xfs patches are in 3.5, let me know if I should backport them to 3.4 as well05:43
jaegerstarting a new ISO bootstrap05:43
Romsteri got a lxc image of crux 3.5 and started testing ports, bumping qt5 currently to 5.12.106:43
Romsterjaeger, we are not at rc level yet? this is just test level?06:49
jaegerjust testing07:04
juejaeger: checked the xfs problem only in 3.5, because of the report from frinnst, but I guess it's the same in 3.410:26
jueFYI, just pushed an update for prt-get to 3.510:46
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jaegerOK, I'll backport it to 3.4 as well16:26
jaegerI guess I should have done that in the reverse order, need to fix a conflict now17:17
frinnstyeah I did a similar fuckup with freetype i think17:38
jaegerAlways fun, heh17:43
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frinnstxorg-mkfontdir was merged into xorg-mkfontscale. I've updated all dependencies in xorg and removed the port from packages.xorg on the iso 3.5 branch23:30
frinnstfuck it, i'll do the other repos as well23:32
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