IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-03-09

frinnstjue was probably just conservative01:00
frinnstgo ahead01:01
jaegerok, fair enough01:01
Romsterryuo, i'd call it how git does it, pkgadd pkgrm pkginfo are plumbing commands and are not aware of dependencies bare bones metal commands, prt-get and other front-ends can be the porcelain (sink) that do dependencies resolution and other stuff.03:16
ryuoRomster: indeed.03:17
ryuoAs it turns out, flock only works across process boundaries not thread boundaries...03:17
ryuoguess i'll be using library globals just to ensure that there's only one database context open per process.03:17
ryuothere's no point to making a struct oriented API if multiple contexts can't really coexist in the same process.03:18
Romsteri really like that concept because we can use the plumbing to get how hands dirty as power users.03:19
ryuoRomster: which concept, Romster?03:19
Romsterwhen we need too abuse the system for some purpose.03:19
Romstergit's plumbing and porcelain (bath sink) metaphor03:20
ryuoI see.03:20
ryuofair enough.03:20
ryuoso, back to the drawing board for some revisions to my design idea.03:20
Romsterall the plumbing commands work to make a sink work.03:20
ryuoi'm dropping the opaque structs approach in favor of a singleton approach.03:21
ryuoflock's limitations basically require it.03:21
Romsterand wb jue03:21
ryuoeh, so be it. the only point of my original idea was that they could shared different read instances...03:21
Romsteri've started to go though crux 3.5 ports about to bump python3 which will break a bunch of footprints.03:22
ryuothey can just share the same one, i guess.03:22
Romsteri didn't want to break crux 3.4 that badly, libjpeg-turbo was bad enough. and the time i broke ABI on icu.03:23
ryuoat most i might add mutex locks to synchronize process access...03:23
ryuothat's probably a good idea.03:23
Romsterjue, could you add that script to pkg-utils that checks for libtool files? that would be handy for others to have access too.03:24
Romsterstuff is still compiling that i stated yesterday.03:38
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juecan someone reproduce signature errors for python and vim after latest commits?09:30
juejaeger: indeed, I was just conservative, we had a couple of changes to prt-get and 5.19.1 works fine with 3.4, so ...09:33
frinnstlooks ok here on 3.511:43
pedjaRomster, so python-3.7 and qt5-5.12 are for 3.5, no bumping them in 3.4?11:57
Romsterthat's the plan11:57
pedjaI like that :)11:57
pedjaalready bumped python to 3.7 here, blender requires it11:57
pedjabut it was a PITA somewhat11:58
Romsteryeah all the footprint changes11:59
pedjaI am just ignoring them atm :)12:00
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nomius_Hey folks, 3.5 won't have python 2.7, right?21:28
nomius_Please tell me you guys are killing that already...21:28
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pedjanomius_, it will, afaik23:16

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