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ryuowow. talk about a literal scam.05:48
ryuo"No physical  sent this is a DOWNLOAD Link Only. You can then use this to burn to DVD or USB."05:49
ryuoA link you can find yourself with some digging... they're not offering anything of any real value.05:49
Romsterthe actual f... that needs to be taken down06:07
ryuoRomster: yea, well. i've seen it before. windows store has its own share of scams like that, but with VLC.06:37
ryuoRomster: honestly, the only ones offering anything of value is the CD services.06:39
ryuoRomster: but, that's of little value unless you have really awful bandwidth.06:40
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juejaeger: we don't use /usr/lib/pam.d but put everything in /etc/pam.d ?17:02
frinnstanything you'd put there would be needed if things turn to shit, no? if no usr would be available etc17:11
juethe man-page calls it the '...vendor configuration directory'17:13
jueif we use that, for sure only for server-stuff etc17:14
juebut I'd prefer to have everything in /etc/pam.d17:14
frinnstsame here17:14
pedjaACTION modified some ports to use "/etc" instead of "/usr/etc"17:36
pedjano hunting for conf files17:38
pedjadbus is system daemon, yet its conf files are in usr/etc17:41
jue/usr/etc is a nice place for configuration stuff you never will change, like mutt17:41
jueyep, dbus should be in /etc17:41
pedjathat's one of the ports I modified :)17:43
juewe should fix that, but it's not so easy because of other stuff17:44
juebut might be a good occasion to do that with 3.517:45
juefrinnst: your opinion, it's your port17:46
juepedja: what else?17:48
pedjalet me check17:48
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pedjaconsolekit and polkit17:49
pedjanothing else, afaict17:49
pedjaah, yes. pulseaudio17:51
jueok, I agree, if we move dbus we should move those two as well17:51
jaegerI would prefer to use /etc as well18:04
juejaeger: I've committed new releases of dovecot and pure-ftpd with pam enabled, would be great if you could take a look18:10
jaegerok, will do18:10
juemight be that I've done something stupid ;)18:10
jueof course, I've tested both servers18:12
frinnstno objection here. I just dont care much about dbus (necessary evil etc) so I didnt mind it being out of my line of sight :-)19:27
frinnstpedja: same for pulse I guess? :-)19:31
pedjathat's a weird one. it's not supposed to be run system wide, but it is a daemon, so etc/ seems like a place for it19:33
jaegerthere are 2 daemons... system and user19:33
jaegerand you need both running, usually19:33
pedjaspeaking of pulse, can the rule not to overwrite conf files on update be added to pkgadd.conf?19:34
pedjathere are client/deamon.conf.d for snippets that modify it, but some things can be set only in default or system.pa19:36
jaegerMaybe it would be handy for pkgadd to have a rules.d folder to which ports could add their own rules19:37
pedjathat would be very nice19:37
frinnstnot needed if it lives in /etc19:39
pedjahm. I have a rule for it in pkgadd.conf, not sure when/why I added it19:40
frinnstbecause /usr/etc ?19:40
frinnsti just moved it to /etc for 3.5 to keep you happy :-)19:40
pedjaI moved pulse to etc/ a while back, but thanks :)19:41
frinnstpkgadd: rejecting etc/pulse/daemon.conf, keeping existing version19:41
frinnstright, Or perhaps im running some custom rules in pkgadd.conf that i've forgotten about19:42
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