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jaegercan we upgrade when 3.5 is released? It's still on 3.3 :P04:31
jaegerI imagine it'd be easier to get enough of charlie's time to fix it if it breaks than to set up the remote KVM04:31
frinnstyeah I've almost given up on getting kvm access :(09:49
frinnstthe upgrade by itself isnt very hard but stuff like wiki and other things will break with php versions09:49
juefrinnst: our wiki should work with php 7, I've updated the only broken module (numtoc.php) last year already10:01
jueworks fine on my local box here10:01
juebut, yeah, our timeline may be a problem ...10:03
frinnstgoodie. timeline is very nice to have but its not something that most users would notice if it were to be missing for a few days or so10:28
frinnsti'll try another email to charlie11:32
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tek__checking briefly, it appears that in the default, we are not vulnerable to because no content-disposition header support is enabled for curl or wget.   :-)21:45
jaegerhandy, I guess :)22:03
pedja'content disposition header'? wasn't that the source of issues with github downloads a while back?22:06
jaegerNot the source but related22:06
jaegerIt was possibly part of a fix, though no longer needed since github has the tag renaming thing22:07
pedjadigging up a proper d/l link is still...challenging...for some gh repos :)22:08
jaegerIt's pretty easy if they have tags22:08
jaegerIf they don't, that sucks22:08
jaegerin fact the filename can be arbitrary (this is what makes it easy)22:10
jaegersee this for an example:
jaegerthat repo has "1.0.2" as a tag/release22:12
pedjacan pkgmk d/l tool(wget or curl) be taught to rename the source on the fly, that would be neat?22:13
jaegerwe've talked about doing that in the past a few times22:14
jaegerwould be convenient22:14
jaegerI don't think that curl or wget can do it automatically (EXCEPT with the aforementioned content-disposition header)22:16
jaegerso it would be a pkgmk tweak22:16
pedjayup. when the build fails because two separate applications have the same version (0.9.tar.gz)22:16
jaegerat least there's a workaround for github, which I believe was the biggest cause of that sort of thing22:16
pedjagithub is not so bad these days. gitlab, otoh, is a PITA22:17
pedjais the tarball in the files or tags or downloads tab? who the fuck knows, seems every project is doing it differently :)22:20
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pedjasome just have repo snapshot, because who needs releases22:21
jaegeryeah :/22:22
pedjakhronos is getting better, altough I still sometimes have to pick the known-good commit for glslang so the shit doesn't break :)22:24
jaegerthat's always a bit annoying22:24
pedjathe problem there is that there are public repos and CI tooling, and every vendor has their own private repos and CI tooling, so it gets messy22:31
pedjacode going back and forth22:31
pedjajaeger, have you tried dxvk-1.0 yet?22:32
jaegernot yet, no... seems like dxvk has been getting just a tad slower with each new version, heh22:32
pedjareally? interesting22:34
jaegermight be my imagination, haven't done any real testing22:34
pedjaphoronix doesn't bother with real testing either :)22:35
pedjaand vendors are throwing hw at him, so22:36
pedjaafaict, his 'tests' make no fucking sense whatsoever. oh, well22:38
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