IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-03-13

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Romsteri always use the time line08:33
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ryuoi have to say, the update for ST3 today has some much wanted improvements. git integration and support for file differences.14:47
ryuothe support is limited, but it's good enough for what i normally do.14:48
ryuojaeger: i've noticed CRUX lacks support for checking for upstream updates. Frugalware had basic support for that. perhaps something like it can be added to ports on an optional basis.15:08
ryuo# Update: ....15:09
ryuoa shell pipeline that can be used to check for updates.15:09
ryuocourse, it does have security concerns.15:10
ryuoi'd only want to support it from ports that pass signature checks at least.15:10
ryuoif so, maybe it's better off being a pkgmk extension.15:11
ryuoFrugalware basically did it in their build scripts by using a shell variable to hold a string that their makepkg would then run to produce a version string. if it matched the version in the build, it was considered "up2date"15:12
ryuoit could be a useful addition for helping track upstream releases.15:13
jueryuo: we're using ck4up for that15:14
ryuoI see.15:15
ryuoNevermind then.15:15
ryuoi was expecting it to be integrated into the Pkgfile.15:15
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