IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-03-14

jaegerI imagine we can fix the timeline if needed00:25
jaegerI already rewrote it once, I think00:27
ryuo"Who needs a timeline? We can make it mean whatever we want it to."00:46
ryuoNot that there was any reason to have a strict one.00:48
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frinnstjaeger: are you planning another 3.5 iso soon'ish? I have a handful of live boxes to still test the upgrade thingy on11:02
frinnstcharlie won't be able to fix kvm for a few weeks atleast13:53
pedjaso if the update goes sideways, road trip?13:59
jaegerfrinnst: I'd like to, yeah. There have been a lot of package updates recently, wouldn't hurt to build a newer one. I'll start that today14:00
pedjaACTION still has libjpeg-turbo locked14:02
pedjafor such a small library it is a huge PITA14:04
frinnstlots of gnome stuff have shifted build system too14:09
frinnsti should probably revisit that for 3.5 before the deprecate autotools mid 3.5 lifetime14:09
pedjaI just love when a project removes one build system and not fix the current one to support the same config options14:13
frinnstnot all gnome projects are updated yet so a lot of things are broken. well, they were when last I looked14:13
pedjait's either meson or cmake these days14:14
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