IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-03-21

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juefrinnst: was it intentionally to update libpixman only for 3.5?14:03
jaegerMy last bootstrap failed due to the typical libtool breakage and I hadn't checked it due to being busy with other stuff. Trying again14:05
frinnstjue well more or less. I saw that it was pretty outdated on 3.4 and didnt have time to verify that it didnt break anything14:26
frinnstbut feel free to cherry-pick it if nothing breaks14:26
jueok, will try14:31
juehmm, why did we miss the updates, looks like updates are not announced via xorg-announce but only in xorg-pixman :(14:48
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frinnstthe glib/gnome stuff i pushed the other day required a newer pixman16:00
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