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juefrinnst: got an answer from tek__, he will care about12:09
jaegeris alancia alan mizrahi?16:17
jaegerryuo: steffen nurpmeso on the ML16:18
jaegerok. I'll update his pub key in gitolite16:37
jaegerLooks like his ed25519 key won't work because of the openssl version18:10
jaegerWe really should upgrade the server... or at least backport openssl because there have been many changes18:10
jaegerI might be wrong about the version being the cause, just a guess18:17
jaegerer, openssh version, not openssl18:25
jaegerfrinnst: does your ed-25519 key work?18:26
pedjaone letter difference, it happens :)18:26
jaegeralan posted a new patch for source tarball renaming to recently, what do you guys think of that one?18:38
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frinnstactually I dont think im using a ed-key19:24
frinnstare your backups working jaeger? if so I can begin updating the old beast19:26
frinnstshould be more or less OK to do so and if shit really hits the fan I can drive down there19:27
frinnst any issues here can you can spot?19:28
jaegeryeah, looks like they're still working properly19:28
frinnstfuck it, im pressing the button :-)19:28
jaegernothing jumps out except the php versions and maybe we'll need to adjust python deps for setuptools or something?19:29
jaegerAre you building updates or doing it from an ISO?19:29
jaegerwould be a lot faster to do from the ISO packages19:30
frinnstjust edited the rsync files and synced19:30
jaegerI think the only injects we did were for firefox and python3 for 3.4, so probably nothing too crazy there19:31
jaegermaybe we should also update to kernel 4.19.31 as well19:33
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jaegerI restarted the rsync daemon on just now, was broken21:01
jaegerfrinnst: are you still around, watching the update or should I check what else might be borked?21:02
frinnstyeah around21:47
frinnstfor a bit longer21:47
frinnstjust upgraded the toolchain to start with21:47
frinnstdoing openssl and openssh, same abi for openssl so nothing should break21:48
jaegerNeed a hand with anything?22:03
frinnstabout to head off to bed if you want to continue :-)22:13
jaegeryou did toolchain and openssl/openssh so far?22:15
jaegerI'll take a look and update some things22:16
jaegerDo you have any objections to a reboot with a new kernel? Or do you want that to wait until you can drive there if something goes wrong?22:17
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ryuojaeger: regarding 3.5, i've been preparing some scripts that build lxc/lxd containers for crux. think it would be of interest to ship something like that with 3.5?23:25
ryuoi make somewhat invasive mods to certain files of /etc, stripping out parts that are useless in a container. they'll just fail anyway.23:27
ryuono point spooking the user with false messages.23:28
jaegerwhat do you mean by ship with 3.5? something on the ISO?23:30
ryuojaeger: no, not the ISO. shipped to the official mirror.23:31
ryuoseparate download.23:31
ryuomy scripts create the container files from the official ISO using the core packaes as a reference point.23:32
ryuoit may be a bit early for it, but i've been working on resolving sysvinit compatibility issues with containers. i've found a few.23:33
ryuothey also plague gentoo containers.23:33
jaegerwe've had contributed ISO images before, I don't see why we couldn't have a contributed container image or something23:33
ryuoi'll work on polishing my script.23:34
ryuoperhaps it can become an official script at some point.23:34
frinnstgo ahead jaeger. I won't be able to drive out there tomorrow as I will spend the afternoon out of town23:34
frinnstbut the chances of that are very low :-)23:35
jaegerfair enough. I built a new kernel but haven't rebooted. Doing other package updates now23:35
ryuocontainers could do a lot for CRUX. most obviously helping build ports in isolation from the main system.23:36
ryuoor running services even.23:37
jaegeryeah, some of us already do that23:38
ryuoLXC is right up this alley. i've found that LXD does a lot to make this easier, but it also gets in the way at times.23:39
ryuoLXC is a very minimal system, but LXD is rather fat...23:39
ryuoit uses a lot of Go stuff.23:39
ryuoi suspect LXC is more in line with CRUX philosophy.23:40
ryuoregardless it's not hard to create an image that's more or less compatible with both.23:41

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