IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-03-26

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nomius_Hey folks01:39
nomius_Have anyone bootstraped a 3.5 iso recently to try out?01:40
ryuonomius_: only the test1 ISO.02:43
ryuomarch 3rd02:43
jaegerwill be another one soon, just been busy02:54
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jaegerdid some updates last night but not apache, php, or postfix yet. I don't think postfix will be an issue but didn't mess with it yet13:58
jaegerI remember some concerns about php so that's why I waited on that13:59
jaegeruploading a new -test2 ISO currently, ETA ~5 minutes15:13
frinnstonly the timeline should break according to jue. he runs the same stuff at home i think15:14
frinnstgoodie jaeger15:15
frinnstACTION is currently dealing with automake/meson hell with glib at work15:15
jaegergood times15:51
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jaegerjue, frinnst: should I go ahead and update apache and php, then fix the timeline after?18:43
frinnstyeah i think so19:12
jaegerwent ahead and fired off the updates, it needs to be done at some point :)19:42
jaegerI will have to leave in about an hour for at least a couple of hours but I think things are mostly fine. I still haven't done a reboot yet but there's a 4.19.31 kernel built and most updates done. Need to figure out if anything actually needs mysql-python since it no longer exists21:21
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tek__ryuo: fyi I do that with aufs and chroot minus a dedicated daemon :-)22:18

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