IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-03-31

Romsterfrinnst, did you see harfbuzz is at 2.4.0?01:28
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frinnstyes just havent gotten around to it16:31
frinnstwhy, any issues/features you know about?16:31
frinnstjue: any reason as to not use for the mlocate ck4up?17:02
frinnstwent ahead and changed it17:03
TimB_frinnst: would you consider including graphite2 for harfbuzz? texlive and my libreoffice repo would pick that up, which would be nice17:14
TimB_you can see both in either (my personal repo tb and crux-libreoffice)17:15
TimB_jue: and would you consider including avahi for cups? if a user has a software installed that uses avahi, it effectively brakes the build until one deletes the disable-avahi line..17:16
TimB_this would contribute to all users that have avahi installed in any form, for me the crux-libreoffice repo again and crux-steam which is in the works :)17:17
frinnst y~.17:26
frinnstTimB_: any deps required?17:26
frinnstseems like --with-graphite2=auto is a thing17:28
TimB_well, graphite2 :)17:32
TimB_btw, since I'm here, I wanted to apply to help with contrib a bit! I run my REPOs for quiet some time now and would like to help out!17:38
TimB_frinnst: appreciated :)17:39
frinnstTimB_: great! could you send an email to the mailinglist?
TimB_sure will do17:40
ryuodisappointing. i was hoping to deduplicate the paths in the package database to save RAM, but it's futile. the reusable components are too short.18:06
ryuothe data structure uses more RAM than the raw data does.18:06
ryuothough i can still give mmap a try.18:07
ryuocan reduce heap fragmentation.18:08
ryuoi'll probably stick with arrays for the most part though.18:09
ryuobetter cache locality than linked lists...18:09
ryuowhich matters a lot in today's hardware18:09
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