IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-04-01

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frinnstTimB_: when did you create your yubikey ports? I hope it was after i did mine or i'll kick myself :D10:32
frinnstpain in the arse10:32
TimB_frinnst: according to the readme in yubico-pam probably a year ago10:33
TimB_frinnst: which keys do you use? I have an regular yk4 and one yk4 nfc - pretty convenient10:40
TimB_still haven't utilised the smart card feature..10:40
juefrinnst: wrt mlocate/ck4up, I did the same changes just before you, we have two identical entries now, one commented out ;)10:41
jueTimB_: wrt cups, I can remove the --disable-avahi entry and make it thereby a optional dep, if that helps10:44
TimB_jue: I think this would help, yes :)10:44
frinnstTimB_: doh. i could just have used yours then11:09
frinnsti have a bunch of old v2 keys11:10
frinnstjue: lol didnt notice11:10
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