IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-04-02

ryuoSomeone was bored...
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jaegerRomster: glibmm needs a small patch for gcc 8 in 3.5:
ryuorandom question for you IT folks. is it normal for cpanel web hosts to 404 newly added sub domains with their own web roots? this one host is doing that over https but not http.08:32
ryuoturns out i needed to update the SSL certs manually. go figure.09:57
frinnstwhat are you running on cpanel?11:51
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frinnstand what are you paying for it?11:56
frinnstACTION operates a cpanel instance at work11:56
ryuofrinnst: i'm not paying. it's someone else's hosting instance. i just help maintain it.11:56
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pedjaACTION ddgs cpanel12:02
pedjaah, web control gui thingie12:03
ryuoit's well known in the web or IT community.12:05
ryuoit pretty much lines every discount web host right now.12:05
pedjaI am a member of neither :) and never used web hosting12:15
frinnstit works really well. also cheap12:56
pedjaif I weren't practically broke, I'd get vps or a cloud instance on vultr to play with :)13:00
pedjaor one of those gpu instances, to test out meshroom/alicevision13:03
jaegerNever used it or managed it, myself13:44
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