IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-04-04

jaegerjue: would you consider putting iwd into contrib?00:17
jaegerpedja: as far as I know Alan is still active, though not very00:18
jaegerryuo: I have no objection to it if they ask first, personally. :) Totally subjective, though.00:18
jaegerpedja: I did put the updated polkit and new mozjs ports into the MATE repo, at least00:19
jaegerjue: also, iwd 0.15 is available00:25
frinnstregarding cyrus: this is a much better link:
frinnstopen sitedir07:38
frinnsthighlighting tek__07:39
ryuo"snaps. i thought they were great until i tried to install the piranha snap. ow."08:21
ryuofrinnst: it might be awhile before we hear from tek__ again. they don't seem to check IRC regularly.08:22
prologiccan anyone here reach ?08:27
frinnstredirects to .io08:29
ryuoevidently the easy tv is a lie. =p08:29
prologicI wonder if my ISP is blocking this08:29
ryuoprologic: one way to find out. rent a server int another country. =p08:30
frinnstare you still in the us?08:30
ryuohe went back to Australia.08:30
ryuoHome of the Romster and...08:30
frinnst heh08:31
ryuowhich reminds me.08:31
ryuoapparently dancing dingos is the code name of 19.0408:31
ryuosome future code names...08:32
ryuosalivating sloth08:32
ryuoi noticed LXD uses a ubuntu style name generator when you don't specify a container name08:33
ryuothat might be fun to bring to IRC for some laughs.08:33
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juejaeger: sure, will do12:25
juehmmm, seems our tracker is broken12:32
prologic_I'm pretty pissed at my ISP for censoring/blocking things really12:55
prologic_and the AU12:55
frinnstDNS block only?12:55
frinnstits usually what swedish isps use12:55
prologicnot IP block12:57
prologicI run my own DNS ;)12:57
prologicthey actually drop the packets12:57
prologicfunnily enough12:57
prologicICMP works12:57
prologicbut HTTP/HTTPS to those IPs time out12:58
ryuofrinnst: i upgraded my hp ilo4 to 2.62 today. it was made available recently.13:18
ryuohm. COM... i get the feeling windows COM interfaces are the equivalent of DBUS.13:34
jaegerjue: thanks!13:40
juejaeger: np :)14:00
jaegerShould we look at updating binutils to 2.32 for 3.5? Regarding chat in #crux currently about kernel 5.x14:25
juejaeger: missed that chat, are there issues with 2.31 and 5.x?15:03
jaegerapparently some small ones.
jaegercan be worked around by changing kernel config in the case of xfs15:05
jaegerseems like 2.32 is released anyway so maybe it's an easy change15:15
jaegerI'll give it a try on my ISO builder15:15
jueyep, let's use 2.3215:32
jaegertrying a bootstrap with it. if nothing breaks I'll push it into core15:34
jaegerjue: what's up with the tracker? I haven't looked at it yet15:38
jueno idea, just saw before that comes back with "service unavailable"15:41
jaegeroh, bug tracker... I was looking at the torrent tracker :D15:41
jaegerhrmm... /bugs/ looks to be fine here15:42
juestrange, see that only on my main box, not on the laptop15:47
juebut well, it's something on my side15:47
jaegercache issue, maybe?15:49
juehmm, works with elinks15:52
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frinnstis this merged?
frinnstafk zzz20:58
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