IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-04-05

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frinnstyes it is06:01
jueFYI, I'm out of town until next Tuesday, take care :)07:02
frinnstRIP :D07:15
ryuoI guess that'll be when jue pays frinnst back for that Hamburger.12:29
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pedjais ghostscript update failing for anyone else?12:45
pedjamissing include, arch.h12:46
pedjait's an internal header, afaict12:48
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frinnsti've pushed binutils up to 2.32 for 3.5 fyi15:02
pedjafrinnst, does ghostscript builds on your system?15:03
pedjaor are you running 3.5?15:03
frinnstpackage ghostscript is not installed15:03
pedjanever mind then :)15:03
frinnsti can depinst it15:04
frinnstbuilt fine on 3.515:06
ryuoanyone see the recent story about apple lying about data recovery on iphones?15:22
pedjaheh. ghostscript-9.26 builds fine, 9.27 fails. this will be fun to debug15:25
pedjaryuo, lying that it's not possible or?15:30
ryuopedja: they outright say it's not possible. see for yourself:
ryuoeven though it's not always impossible.15:33
pedjathey have been hostile to tinker/DYI/repair scene fo a long time, so not surprising15:51
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jaegerfrinnst: ok. the bootstrap worked fine with 2.3218:01
jaegerwas going to push after that but you beat me to it18:07
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jaegerjust removed the symlink from, let me know if I missed anything in cleaning up the toolchain20:52
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frinnstah goodie22:04
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