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frinnstCONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in python3/Pkgfile10:40
frinnstasdf now I have to fix it and I dont know how it should look10:40
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TimB_only file conflicting is a symlink I created myself, all good over here10:51
TimB_thanks for the addition Romster!10:52
Romsteri only added 2 symlinks frinnst see diff11:01
Romsterboth point to files11:02
frinnstfeel free to look it over in  3.511:22
Romsteri will in a sec11:27
Romsteralso tek took too long i fixed the source in cyrus-sasl you can yell at me later if you care too.11:28
Romsterwaiting on qt5-webengine to finish compiling for crux 3.511:29
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axi have strange problem with ports -u my_repo ... i create repo with httpup-repgen20:36
axrepo work  but i have 1 error: Connecting to
axUpdating collection ax20:36
ax Checkout: ax/.httpup-repogen-ignore20:36
axFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found20:36
TimB_ax: well the file is not there, is it? :) I have this file in my REPO online
axi have this file20:46
TimB_but not online20:46
axyes it's20:46
TimB_ not for me20:46
TimB_I guess this means you see what you did? because I don't quiet yet :P20:47
axbut it's in repo ... i generate it's ..... and update git ...20:47
axwhat is this ..20:47
axthere is but raw diff why ? -.-'20:49
TimB_I dunno20:50
axplease... can you see this:
axfor your user exists .httpup-* ?20:51
axI tell you that I'm losing my mind .. but I didn't understand the problem what is it? maybe bitbucket? hidden file reading permissions? possible?20:52
axI'm thinking about it now20:53
jaegerthat link is 404 for me as well, so maybe you can see it because you're  logged in20:53
TimB_users don't need to sync that file20:53
axI download the repo ... and see it via: aicsx.bitbucket.io20:55
axrepo is : URL=
axand see it's with ... I noticed that other github repo in have the same 404 when trying to see, but they work from ports -u20:57
axso in practice ... to not have these limits I have to upload the repo on a private webserver .. possible that github and bitbucket do not admit this ...20:58
TimB_github works fine, bitbucket should too?21:02
axuhm no no work fine ... if i see:
axor other github account21:03
axi have 400 invalid request21:03
axbut ports -u user "work good" ...21:04
TimB_I am not sure I'm following on what you are doing..21:04
axit's it's exactly the same thing ... except for the hidden file that it doesn't see but is there21:04
axi have my repo ax.httpup from:*... : it's work.  it's see with link and it's work ...21:06
axports -u ax work but it no view .httpup-repgen-ignore ...21:07
axI hope I made myself understood ...21:07
TimB_I am still unsure, but I have to go, might be back in ~45min21:12
axok thank you TimB_21:14
axi verify bitbuckt hidden documentation ... it's real strange ..21:15
axand wait ours help for ideas21:15
axops...your sorry21:15

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