IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-04-09

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jaegeryeah, this is a case where I'd recomment nobody do an in-place upgrade13:45
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frinnststill will be a pain after upgrade with anything that depends on glib thats not on the iso14:49
jaegeryeah :/14:50
jaegerWe should write some instructions for fixing those issues in the release announcements14:51
pedjathat's the same issue as libjpeg-turbo, they removed .la files or?14:52
frinnstyeah but a loooot worse because everything depends on glib, more or less :-)14:53
pedjaworse still because I can only do in-place upgrade because I can't boot from the usb :)14:54
pedjathat's going to be fun14:54
frinnstloop "prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)" a few times and go on vacation14:55
pedjawith 1379 installed packages, that will take a while, yeah :)14:57
jaegerYou could mount the ISO, upgrade packages, and then reboot15:01
jaegerwould take less time than rebuilding everything, at least15:01
pedjaI use this
pedjaworks fine, with some tweaks :)15:13
jaegerI'd say feel free to update it for recent versions15:15
pedjaI will next time, when I take some notes. it's some minor things, iirc15:17
pedjathe procedure generally works15:18
pedjaRomster, .signature mismatch with harfbuzz-icu15:20
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juehello, btw16:13
juedid I miss anything important the last days?16:14
jaegerWelcome back16:15
juethanks :)16:15
jaegerNothing too crazy16:16
juegood to hear16:24
jueprobably time for a rc? ;)16:25
jaegerSeems like a good time to me. I'll build one in the next couple days with all available updates16:30
juegreat :)16:34
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axIs there anyone to report a repo registration? I have sent mail but have not received a reply for 24 hours23:49

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