IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-04-10

jaegerI saw the email. Have patience, we're all volunteers00:39
jaegerI can probably check it out in a couple of hours01:03
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jaegerax: sorry, didn't get a chance to look at it last night but I did this morning. I've added it to the portdbs and it'll update next time they sync. Also, here's a prtverify run of your repo:
Romsterpedja, all fine here rm your source file and download it off the harfbuzz site. they did a silent file change.14:07
pedjaRomster, again? ffs :)14:15
axyeh jeager, no problem, you are right. For prtverify i'm settling15:21
axuhm ... directory not allowed: usr/share/locale/15:39
axchmod should solve this ?15:40
jaegerIt's not a permissions issue, it's that /usr/share/locale shouldn't exist in a port15:41
axin fact I have had the chance to see that in all the ports locale  are not present ....15:42
axand I was just wondering why ...15:43
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axsorry jaeger if i apply signature ... do I have to send the repo link via email with the public key?20:20
jaegeryou can email the public key or link it here, whatever works20:34
axok, I'm finishing up signing ... then relinko master repo in git and then I'll link you to the pub20:39
axthank you.20:39
axalive ?22:44
ax work , you can add when you are operational. with all the calm of the case :)22:52

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