IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-04-11

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frinnstax looks like it's done09:52
frinnstwas about to do it but someone beat me to it09:53
axhi frinnst , eheh yes thank you, I think he did jaeger. but maybe I have to insert in repo because the link doesn't exist10:37
axit remains only to understand the discourse of the local, I read enough around but I did not understand why in the Port release it is removed10:41
axI don't want to be argumentative but I am Italian and I also use several things in the desktop, it makes me very comfortable to have my language in everyday use10:41
axI've never had any objections to freebsd or slackware for this in many years10:42
frinnstah right10:55
axthank you11:08
frinnstisnt our chromium port *very* out of date?11:26
frinnstoh right. nobody maintains it11:27
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jaegerax: it was a design choice by the author of crux - if you really need localized language support, crux is probably not the best choice13:54
axjaeger No obviously it's not really needed, I thought it was a native choice. From it the years and the releases and often some initial choices change. It's just a variable. I come from various worlds of much more restrictive rules. I asked for personal knowledge. Thanks for the clarifications14:20
jaegerNo problem14:24
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