IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-04-15

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frinnstmaybe we should revert it?08:24
juethere's already a fix ->;a=commit;h=7865041c77f4f7005282f10f9b6666b19072fbdf09:05
juetek_: ping09:35
frinnstgoodie, no major fuckup then09:41
ryuoanyone here ever use mediawiki? someone suggested we replace our website pages with one, but i'm finding that mediawiki seems to be a bitch to get it to work with relational data models.09:41
frinnstwasnt there a gawk update recently that broke a bunch of stuff that they reverted upsteram? or did i dream that?09:42
juehmm, don't remember anything related to gawk, maybe you mean bison?10:36
jueFYI, sent a patch for libgpg-error to tek_, patch is also here ->
juewrt Steffen's email to xorg-ports11:28
juemaybe we should do this ->
frinnstyeah looks the cleanest.11:59
Romsteri actually removed xorg-xf86-input-mouse, xorg-xf86-input-keyboard a long time ago on my system.13:52
Romstergood spot jue  on xorg/Pkgfile13:52
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jaegerok, I'll use that libgpg-error patch in my local tree for the RC14:33
jaegerremoving -mouse and -keyboard seems fine to me14:45
jueok, I'll push it14:47
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jaegerRomster: how do you figure out the appropriate version of mono to go with a wine release? I don't see a version matrix like they have for gecko17:46
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