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Worksterjaeger, basicly the most recent version of mono.00:25
Worksterit's not locked to the wine version as gecko is00:25
jaegerI thought that but if you install 4.6 with mono 4.8.3, for example, it can't find it and downloads a different one00:27
jaegerSo I used 4.8.2 because that's what your port uses, and that one worked00:27
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pedjathe latest wine-mono is 4.8.2. where did 4.8.3 come from :) ?12:00
pedjaACTION removes mono12:05
pedjahmm, I totally forgot bless hex editor depends on it.oh well12:16
Romster i only see 4.8.212:29
frinnstisnt mono the name of a disease also? fitting name12:32
frinnst"kļæ½rtelfeber" in swedish fyi12:33
frinnst=gland fever12:33
frinnstend of swedish lession for today12:34
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pedjawhat's the Swedish name for one of the go to diseases in House M.D, lupus :)?12:38
frinnstSystemisk lupus erythematosus12:39
frinnstaccording to wikipedia12:39
frinnstlupus erythematosus is apparantly latin for "wolf bite"12:41
pedjaso 'lycanthrope erythematosus' is 'werewolf bite' then12:47
pedjabtw, whatever happened to that reindeer 'attacking' the man?12:49
frinnstnothing probably13:14
frinnstor perhaps someone was hungry and shot it13:15
pedjawhat's the gun culture in .se? people owning guns is rare or?13:19 39.1 firearms per 100 people. .se 23/100 damn :)13:24
pedja6th in the world. yay?13:25
pedjagood old USofA. 120 per 100 people. well, they are prepared for zombie apocalypse, I'll give them that13:27
jaegersorry, it was 4.8.2 vs 4.8.1... the point still stands13:41
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frinnstthere's quite a lot of gun shootings these days13:45
frinnstyou know, kids and their guns13:45
frinnstcool kids in gangs with balkan war relics trying to be cool13:46
frinnstotherwise hunting is common. elk and deer mostly i think13:46
frinnstso hunting rifles are common13:47
pedjaah, war relics. yeah, lots of those here, almost everyone brought home a 'souvenir' like that13:56
pedjagun, grenade, rpg13:56
pedjafridge, washing machine, money and jewellery13:57
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juef*** Oracle, you need an account now to download latest jre/jdk :(16:29
pedjatime to switch to Amazon Coretto :)16:31
pedjaheh. both amazon and zulu jdk versions are at u20216:37
pedjaI guess I'll wait for the next coretto quarterly update before I switch to it and try if it breaks something16:42
juewell, 201 is still available without account16:43
pedjajue, coretto should be a drop-in replacement16:44
frinnstwhat about rolling a somewhat static openjdk tarball and host that on then just a port that installs said tarball?16:45
frinnstor is that what corretto is?16:46
frinnstyeah looks like16:47
pedjaafaik, openjdk + amazon patches, java conformance test suite, well, tested :)16:53
pedjasupported until 2023, which is nice16:54
jueyeah, looks interesting, will try it tomorrow16:54
pedjaI have a few gui java apps I'll test16:55
juepedja: thanks for the hint :)16:55
pedjanp :)16:56
pedjaI've been looking for a replacement for oracle's jdk/jre for some time16:57
pedjalts 8 version, tried 10/11, they badly brake apps I use :)16:57
pedjathere is a openjdk8 port, iirc, but I am not building that if I can avoid it17:00
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pedjajue, fwiv, I tested 11.x release of corretto, both building and running some small and rather large applications. no issues so far :)17:58
jaegerwhat does 'fwiv' mean?18:22
pedjatypo version of 'for what its worth' :)18:25
pedjasorry about that18:26
jaegerNo worries, I've just seen it enough times now I started to think it was intentional :)18:27
pedjaheh. I'll have to add it to spellcheck at some point18:45
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