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Romstercompiling contrib/openjdk8 isn't that bad. but if you want binary
juejust testing the corretto distri for jre, works fine so far09:03
jueat least with josm, the openstreetmap editor, and a s3 sync tool (jets3t)09:04
TimB_jue: if you can send a link to the Pkgfile I'd test rstudio with that, openjdk doesn't really work for me with it09:05
jueI'd be very happy if someone else could take over jdk because I don't use it09:06
jueTimB_: great, just a second09:06
TimB_well I could take a look over it if I can do that :^ not sure, but sure can try09:06
TimB_I still have my contrib application open in the ML btw :)09:06
Romsteropenjdk8 works with all the things i throw at it. i have not tried any of the others.09:06
Romsterany benefit?09:07
TimB_Romster: revdep doesn't complain and you don't need to manually download the files (and apparently, register an account now)09:07
Romsterrevdep doesn't complain on openjdk809:08
Romsterruns chatty, minecraft, multimc, and a few others09:08
TimB_oh, you mean the amazon patchset, not sure09:08
TimB_but tbh rstudio never worked with openjdk for me so I'm curious to try that one out09:09
TimB_doesn't build rstudio with it.. :^ will have to take a look at that later09:21
jueTimB_: that's only jre not jdk09:27
TimB_jue: yeah, that's what gwt (needed for the rstudio build) complained about :)09:29
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jueTimB_: here's a quick port for the corretto jdk ->
pedjayou'll need the revdep thingie for it too, so it won't complain :)10:50
pedjajdk/lib and jdk/lib/server10:51
juesure, as I said it's a quick/not ready port10:54
pedjagaiasky starts and runs a bit better with corretto jdk11 on my potatoputer, which is nice10:55
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TimB_I'm back. Will try it out now jue11:58
jueTimB_: here's a more up-to-date one ->
TimB_jue: jre already installed symlinks for /usr/bin/java, which one should stay?12:06
TimB_same for /usr/bin/keytool12:06
jueremove jre12:08
juecurrently both ports cannot be installed together12:09
TimB_oh, I see, didn't know that. rstudio starts to compile and not whine, let's see12:10
TimB_not sure what it is, maybe it's just my rstudio Pkgfile.. :^ still doesn't work12:55
pedjawhat's the error?12:55
TimB_rstudio utilises qtwebengine I think. When I start it says something about an encoding error and weirdly tells me the file with my pkgmk build path.. then the UI is just a "this site doesn't function" error page12:56
juehmm, does it work with opt/jdk?13:00
TimB_it used to at least, stopped working when I changed to openjdk8 and haven't checked since then tbh..13:01
TimB_I'll try that out now13:02
TimB_I just see that there is a new version of gwt out.. maybe that's worth something.13:04
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TimB_opt/jdk doesn't work either.. weird. Guess I'll have to revise my rstudio Pkgfile13:43
pedjabased on INSTALL from upstream repo, it should be pretty straightforward, afaict. perhaps an issue with some of the dependencies?13:46
TimB_might be, haven't dug into that, but on first sight I don't see any reason why I would fail.. other than that I wanted to rework the Pkgfile anyway13:47
pedjamaybe checkout their bug tracker for a similar issue13:48
TimB_have overflown it when it first occured to me, might have been to early because I was really pinning that one down to openjdk8.. other java apps worked so I figured. Just saw that arch is building against openjdk8 as well13:52
pedjamy guess is, since it fails with pretty much any version of jdk, that the issue is somewhere else :)13:57
pedjaTimB_, are you using release or git snapshot for build?13:58
TimB_pedja: tried both now already, bot same error14:02
TimB_has been that for now at least 2 releases, maybe 3 even14:02
pedjawell, good luck :)14:03
TimB_he, thx :)14:05
TimB_have you tried pulseeffects yet by any chance? weird problem I have with it: it doesn't really behave well with your user profile.. I need to reset the settings after every reboot to sucessfully run all the plugins (btw, I can upload the ports for all the optional deps if you want)14:06
pedjanot yet, I was busy rebuilding stuff that boost update broke and playing with blender :)14:13
pedjaand watching math videos on yt, and now my poor brain hurts14:14
pedjaI wish I payed more attention in math classes in high school. too late now :)14:15
TimB_he :) I like Khan Academy14:16
TimB_but I think we talked about that some time ago already, haha14:16
pedjait's a recurring theme for me :)14:16
TimB_well, should I upload the optional ports as well? I think you need some of that for an equalizer as well14:16
pedjaif you use them, sure14:18
TimB_right now I am just testing, I was wondering if you were interested in giving it a try as well14:19
TimB_will eventually upload them to my repo I think.. if it works without resetting every reboot ~.~14:19
pedjacan't promise it'll be soon-ish, but sure :)14:19
pedjaresets settings after reboot? that's interesting14:22
TimB_true :) plus it doesn't output anything helpful in a terminal near you, even if you set the flags for it14:22
pedjaiirc, it stores them somewhere in .config?14:22
TimB_and you should disable flat audio feature of pulseaudio for it to work properly14:23
TimB_true, .config/PulseEffects14:23
pedjaset flat volume to no?14:24
pedjamy port does that ootb14:25
TimB_flat-volumes = no in daemon.conf14:25
TimB_if it's not set at all it defaults to yes14:25
TimB_I think you can do pulseaudio --dump-conf | grep flat or something to check14:26
pedjaI have a conf snippet that goes to daemon.conf.d that does that, but I'll check if it actually does anything14:26
TimB_ah, alright14:27
pedjayup, 'flat-volumes = no'14:27
TimB_ I think those should be it14:31
pedjathanks, TimB_, I'll check it out...eventually :)15:00
TimB_np :)15:04
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