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jaegerok, I should be able to upload an RC tomorrow. I broke my ISO builder VM a bit doing other stuff, sorry for the delay03:59
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jaeger have been uploaded18:26
jaegerRomster: I think you'd be pretty impressed with what a mid-range ryzen system could do if you're still on a phenom18:46
jaegersomething like this as a start:
jaegerdunno what that works out to in AUD19:12
jaegerIf you went up to a 2700 or 2700x it'd be even better19:13
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pedjawith asrock taichi, ~480€ at de.pcpartpicker. not bad19:59
jaegernot terrible at all19:59
jaegerAnd I really like the taichi boards. I would always recommend them if they're in your budget19:59
pedjanot taht I bough many rigs, but I always thought that investing into slightly higher end m/b is smart :)20:00
jaegerYes, I would agree20:01
jaegerPSU and MB should never be skimped, in my opinion20:01
jaegerPSU can take out every other part20:01
jaeger(in theory, though very rare)20:01
pedjaagreed. seasonic ftw :)20:01
jaegerseasonic, superflower, evga are all good ones I'd recommend20:02
pedjafew years back I borrowed my spare psu to a friend, his has died. he was surprised how heavy it was compared to cheap chinese trash he had20:04
pedjaand it was pretty basic corsair, I think, I picked up on sale20:06
pedjahe still has it, afaik, and it works fine :)20:07
jaegernot bad20:12
jaegerSome corsair models are very good (RM series) and some are garbage fires waiting to happen (CX series)20:12
pedjaI think it's 400/450w rm model20:21
jaegerShould last a while, yeah20:30
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