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frinnstwhats the price difference between ryzen 5 and 7? extra cores really makes all the difference00:38
Romsterpedja, i got shaderc working on mpv, but it has a new port spirv-tools and changes to glslang.01:14
Romstershould i feature request it on flyspray or commit it?01:14
jaegerfrinnst: about $60 US currently between the 5 2600 and the 7 270001:23
Romsteri'll try and hold off for the 3rd generation. i've got more ram in my rig now and slight overclock on my 3.4GHz to 3.8Ghz01:33
Romsterone thing i am curious about what graphics card should i be looking at next that will work for encoding/streaming and wine steam etc.01:35
Romsteri totally agree on the mobo and psu being the most important part of a system, i to have a decent heavy weight psu.01:35
Romstermm think i'll commit these ports it's working fine here pedja feel free to tweak them more after if need be.01:36
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jaegerIf you want to do GPU compute stick with nvidia because CUDA seems more prevalent than OpenCL02:38
jaegerotherwise it's a toss, in my opinion02:38
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Romsterevery new ATI/AMD card i have tried had no support for linux, does it take awhile for new hardware to be supported on AMD's GPUs?03:29
Romsterworking in a computer shop and yeah i just took the cards back to work.03:29
jaegerIt seems to me like they're MUCH better about that these days03:30
jaegerMy RX580s work great, for example03:30
Romsteri'm not using CUDA afaik but yeah nvidia jused worked out of the box on the nvidia blob. i'd like to get away from tarnishing my kernel and use AMD if it's around the same or better performance.03:30
jaegerThe range of AMD cards is much more limited than nvidia but for their comparative cards they're closeish03:31
Romster3D support is good? h.264 decode/encode ?03:31
jaegerNo idea if it has dedicated h.264 but 3d is fine03:32
Romsteri can handle closeish now for performance seems nvidia still has the edge over AMD.03:32
jaegerAMD only has like 4 cards available currently and nvidia has like 2003:32
Romsterseems like rx580 or vega is the only choices currently03:32
jaegerrx 570, 580, 590, vega 56, 64 I think03:33
Romsteri am on a GTX750Ti03:33
Romsterso i don't know to get a AMD what or hold off for the next generation of AMD.03:38
RomsterAMD just uses mesa3d directly afaik. no more fglrx and stuch03:39
Romsternavi GPUs are on the way too03:40
Romsterlooks like the 590 will kill my current card easily thinking of trying that...03:51
Romster little old might be improved now.03:53
jaegerThe biggest question if you want good 3d performance is what is your resolution?05:33
jaegerIf you're doing 1080p or lower, don't bother with a vega 56/64 or 2080/2080ti, etc. (my opinion)05:33
jaegera GTX 1060/1070ti or RX 580 will do that handily05:33
jaegerIf, on the other hand, you want to do CUDA stuff like neural networks processing, get the biggest nvidia card you can fit in your budget05:34
Romsteri'm more concerned with encoding and decoding 264 265 for obs-studio and multiple video stream playings and yeah just 1080p but i have 3 monttors on this rig and i'll probably add a few more.05:58
Romstera 580 or 590 will likely meet my demands as long as the driver can run it.05:59
Romsterand video transcoding of live footage off camcorders etc.06:00
jaegerI wonder if AMD has any hardware encoding option for obs studio to use in linux06:02
jaegerI suppose I could check that on one of mine. I'll look at it tomorrow, going to sleep soon06:02
Romsterapparatly amd has AMF instead of nvidias NVENC06:04
Romsteri mean i could got for a gtx1060 or a rx580 or rx59006:05
Romsteri added support on ffmpeg for ffnvcodec-headers06:05
Romsteralso good night jaeger :)06:06
Romstercheers for testing for me. contrib/obs-studio06:06
jaegerNo problem, I'll give it a try.06:07
Romsteri also fixed vulkin support in mpv.06:07
jaegerSpeaking of vulkan support, another thing I want to try is wine with vkd3d06:07
jaegerMaybe I'll try that with staging tomorrow, too06:07
jaegerAnyway, I'm off. Good night :)06:09
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pedjaRomster, I would've preferred you opened flyspray for those, but, oh well, too late now :)12:33
pedjalast time I checked, upstream glslang support for build against system spirv-tools/headers wasn't merged yet, and I was waiting for that before splitting them into separate ports12:37
pedjaalready made them12:37
pedja'spirv-tools not linked - illegal SPIRV may be generated for HLSL' heh13:03
pedjaRomster, if you want to take over the whole vulkan stack, since you maintain it in compat-32, just say so, it's yours13:07
pedjayou'd probably do a better job, too :)13:07
juejaeger: thanks for rc0, I did an update with it today, all fine so far13:35
juewrt jre/jdk: it's still an open issue, I'm unsure what we should do. AFAIK amazon-corretto is the only build of version 8 that is available without registration, but I'm not a java expert and only use it for two applications.13:50
juedo we trust amazon for that?13:50
juebesides that it would be great if someone else could test the jdk port from here ->
juefrinnst: any issues with openssh 8.0?13:53
TimB_jue: I am not sure about 'trusting' amazon either, besides that, I only tried jdk coretto with rstudio in mind, I can test it again with another application later though, rstudio has another problem13:53
TimB_openjdk8 seems to be a good alternative everywhere else, it's what I would prefer to keep installed13:54
juewell, on the long term I fear that no one will do the pain of maintaining it, at least I will not ;)14:15
TimB_contrib/openjdk8 is currently not working, since john's webspace is currently offline so you can not get the distfiles :^14:20
jueyou see ...14:22
TimB_I can put up a mirror in the meantime? :P14:22
TimB_I just fear maintaining that is above me tbh..14:23
pedjajue, there are also azul jre/jdk7/8/11/12 without registration14:28
pedjasimilar thing to coretto. openjdk certified builds14:31
pedjaI've been using coretto jdk11 with a few applications, no issues so far14:32
pedja'trust amazon'? well, we trusted oracle so far, so :)14:35
pedjafrinnst suggested hosting the openjdk build on and ship that, which will work too, I guess14:39
jaegerjue: great! :)14:41
jaegerI've no idea bout coretto but we've used openjdk at work with elasticsearch for years now, seems solid for that. I'm in a similar situation, though, only use it for one application14:42
jaegerAs far as crux stuff, kodi uses jre, so I could test it there... but that's my only java requirement14:42
pedjaessentially, corretto and azul *are* openjdk, just nicely packaged, and with some patches amazon applies based on experience running it on a large scale14:53
pedjain theory, they are the same, since both get java conformance suite run on them14:56
pedjajdk/jre are a nice use case for aliases :)14:57
pedjalapack variants too14:59
pedjaopenblas, atlas, intel has one, amd, nvidia14:59
jaegerewww... vkd3d has a circular dependency issue15:07
jaegerneeds widl to create headers which comes with wine :P15:08
jaegerMight try a static widl or something external15:16
pedjaisn't that only with builds from git?15:26
jaegermaybe? I'll have to test that15:40
jaegerOh, I didn't realize there was a vkd3d port in contrib already, I'll just use it instead of my own :)15:40
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juejaeger: to prepare an announcement of 3.5-rc0 I've started a bit to write our ReleaseNotes, please have a look and correct and extent ;)18:50
jaegerok, will take a look19:20
frinnstjue: not yet. but i've only tested the client bits19:46
frinnstworked all day. happy easter everyone \o/19:47
frinnstoh well, sweet sweet $$$19:47
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crash_glad påsk = happy easter :)21:04
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