IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-04-21

Romster eep broken again02:16
jaegeryeah, I've not had time to debug it yet02:29
jaegerjue: looks good so far to me, will add if I think of something02:35
jaegerWe should update the main handbook to reflect the proper RAM requirement or whatever it was, too02:35
jaegerRomster: ok, tested obs studio - it seems to work fine for the most part but there's no hardware encoding option for the AMD GPU - do you know if I need some other software or driver for that?03:14
Romsterjaeger, i just pushed changes for vkd3d{,-32}03:21
Romsteryes in contrib and compat-3203:21
Romsterjaeger, i was afraid of that for AMD hmm i'll take a look.03:22
Romsterthat's windows.... darn03:23
Romster ah there it is, strange it's not bundled.03:24
RomsterThis plugin is integrated in OBS Studio since Version 0.16.2. It replaced the older MFT (Media Foundation Transforms) based approach and performs much better compared to it. Many users have since then switched from software to hardware encoding on AMD machines as it is actually working at a decent performance now.03:25
Romsternot sure but that's what i dug up.03:26
Romsterpedja, can you test i haven't broken anything on vulkin please i everything seems ok here. need more testing with vkd3d{,-32} on wine though too.03:26
Romsterfrinnst, lm_sensors new version03:27
Romsteri'll be afk for awhile late lunch03:27
frinnstcheers, pushed10:16
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pedjaRomster, I am no longer maintaining any of the vulkan stuff11:11
pedjayou obviously think you'd do a better job with them, feel free to take over11:12
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jaegerLooks like libtiff picks up zstd if it's available but doesn't require it22:09
frinnstyeah that doesnt look necessary22:11
jaegerJust an annoyance if you do a fresh 3.5 install and then revdep it22:11
frinnst lots of shite is enabled by defaulty22:12
ax:) hei man22:27
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jaegerI've done both upgrade and fresh install of 3.5-rc0 so far, seems to be working pretty well23:14
ax:) it's good news jaeger23:51

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