IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-04-23

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frinnsthmm, no java webstart thingy with the new jdk?12:20
frinnst are available as well12:37
frinnst12 is the GA build12:39
frinnstno webstart/iced tea in those tarballs either it seems12:41
pedjayou need javaws for IPMI thingie?12:42
frinnstyeah and cisco asdm etc12:44
frinnstits pretty much the thing I use java for12:44
pedja might be interesting to follow. no release yet, thou12:51
juefrinnst: if you find something better than corretto feel free to change our jdk, it's a 'CRUX System Team' port anyway13:09
juejust downloaded the the icedtea binary, seems to work, at least I can run './javaws -about' without errors13:13
jueprobably an option to build a port from that?13:13
pedjajue, have you ever had issues with unbound just stopping resolving after a while, but starts to work after restart?13:25
pedjait returns cached ones, afaict, but won't resolve new ones.13:27
pedjaI suspect that I misconfigured it somehow13:28
pedjaand, of course, it happens randomly. sometimes weeks without issues, sometimes after a few days13:30
juepedja: no, never13:48
jaegerjue: I'm seeing a signature mismatch for wpa_supplicant15:05
pedjano issues here with it15:10
jaegerMaybe it's my source mirror, will check again15:12
jaegerhrmm, not the distfile mirror...15:14
jaegerIt's reporting the mismatch on 'signify' like the key is missing or something15:15
pedjajue, wrt unbound, I suspected its a local issue, thanks for confirming it15:16
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jaegerAh, I see the problem, heh. Merge conflict lines in the .signature for 3.516:03
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juejaeger: thanks for the report, fixed now16:46
jue... and thanks for the announcement too ;)16:46
jaegerNo problem :)16:53
jaegerThanks for the wpa_supplicant update16:53
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