IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-04-28

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TimB_jue: fwiw, I tested jdk cornetto the past week mainly with only one application but it all worked flawlessly08:20
jueTimB_: good, thanks for the feedback10:40
ryuoso what JDK is crux shipping these days?10:42
ryuo8 still?10:42
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ryuojaeger: i get the feeling from listening to frinnst that PHP developers are often inept with handling memory. i suspect a lot of their scripts could get by with less if they managed it wisely.10:46
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Romsteryou forgot clang jue i updated that url as well to match llvm. and tested the sources worked form the new url13:08
jueok, will do13:15
Romsterdone it for you jue13:19
frinnstsry for being afk a lot. real life (tm)14:22
frinnsthoping for a calmer week (but probably not)15:13
jaegerryuo: not sure what you mean, php doesn't require you to manage memory yourself15:22
ryuojaeger: oh. i've seen them exhaust their memory limits.15:23
ryuoyou still need to keep in mind what you're doing. PHP can't reclaim memory that is still referenced.15:24
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