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juehere's a list of contrib ports with man-pages in /usr/man ->
jueRomster: you number of ports is growing and growing, may I suggest to do a clean-up and remove stuff you don't use anymore12:32
juecurrently I see 398 ports from you ;)12:32
juebtw, who cares about contrib applications, the one from TimB_ is still open?12:36
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jaegerI think tek generally used to do that, though I suppose any of us can15:22
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juejaeger: ok, thanks16:29
TimB_frinnst: with regards on the list about man pages jue posted, you can take this for xdg-utils, it's an updated version as well:
jaegerman, lots of libtool slaying on a 3.5-upgraded MATE system18:12
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frinnstjaeger: heh I can imagine :-)21:57
frinnstTimB_: would you like to maintain it? I dont even think i have it installed anymore21:59
frinnstyou have contrib access, right?21:59
TimB_frinnst: sure, I can keep it around22:02
TimB_and no contrib access yet, no22:02
frinnstsend a request to the mailinglist :-)22:03
ryuoACTION posts a bounty: "$10 to the person that can wake tek_"22:03
ryuodidn't they already do that?22:03
frinnstah right22:04
ryuoi haven't acted yet.22:04
frinnsti'm so out of touch these days. too much to do and some personal distractions22:04
TimB_everybody seems busy, no worries :)22:05
frinnsti'll fix it tomorrow (tm). off to bed now22:05
frinnstTimB_: can you reply to the thread with your ssh pub-key?22:09
frinnstor just send it to me directly22:09
TimB_frinnst: sure, can do22:09
ryuojaeger: let me know when 3.5 is ready. i'd like to generate LXC/LXD images for it.22:14
frinnstTimB_: added. welcome to contrib! :-)22:20
frinnstI've sent you the signing key22:20
TimB_thanks :) glad to be on board!22:21
TimB_hehe :)22:23
ryuough. a developer using mongodb in #learnprogramming.22:23
ryuo"MongoDB is web scale!"22:23
frinnstthanks for giving me nightmares just before bed22:24
ryuo... lol22:25
ryuoit's that bad?22:25
frinnstI use it on two applications at work. I've had serious random dataloss on one application22:27
ryuoi see.22:27
frinnstso 50%. good enough? IT'S WEBSCALE22:27
ryuoi never saw the point myself. SQL is more mature and well understood.22:27
ryuoif you end up needing to link stuff together, wouldn't it be better just to start with SQL databases in the first place?22:28
ryuoyou don't have to link stuff together even.22:28
jaegerryuo: of course there will be an announcement when it's released, but I wouldn't expect any large changes between rc and release22:28
ryuojaeger: ok.22:28
jaegerjue, frinnst: did we talk about pkgconf vs. pkg-config? It's come up once or twice and I saw a ticket still in about it22:28
frinnsti'm sure its a lot better these days. I just like to yell when something rubs me the wrong way22:29
jaegerI haven't run into any problems with it on the test box I installed it on, for what that's worth22:29
jaeger(pkgconf, not mongodb :D)22:29
jaegerAFK a while22:29
frinnstjaeger: no I dont think we've ever talked about it. Noticed that bug the other day as well.22:29
TimB_I am having good experiences with pkgconf as well on two of my live installs..22:30
ryuoi didn't see the point myself. Debian hasn't made the switch.22:30
frinnstzzzz for real22:30
ryuowho has?22:30
ryuoanyone else?22:30
TimB_ryuo: pkgconf? netbsd iirc22:30
ryuoi meant in Linux land.22:30
ryuobut sure?22:30
TimB_mh not sure, a sec22:30
frinnstyeah I dont really see the point either. but I havent looked at the project22:30
ryuoi'd feel better about it if the major distributions already had done it.22:30
TimB_ here is a list22:31
frinnstzzzz for real22:31
TimB_fedora is on there22:31
ryuoAlpine, Fedora...22:32
ryuoSabotage (lol)22:32
ryuothese have made the jump.22:32
ryuothe rest only have it as an option.22:33
ryuoit seems a bit early to make the switch.22:33
ryuo"The data that pkgconf can provide may be useful to package managers and build systems."22:34
TimB_I have no strong feelings about this22:34
ryuoIrrelevant to CRUX..22:34
ryuopkgutils and prt-get aren't advanced enough to benefit.22:34
ryuohow does CRUX benefit from this?22:36
pedjaafaik, fedora has no problem breaking shit on every release. not a great incentive to switch, imho :)22:36
pedjakeep the core conservative, I'd say22:38
ryuoi think it should be put on hold.22:39
ryuoif it's really that great, the others will eventually adopt it.22:39
ryuo(though that's not necessarily always the case... systemd.. -cough-)22:39
pedjaseems that, in order for wayland to be viable xorg replacement, devs will have to add more things then they planned22:43
pedjacolor management, that kind of stuff22:43
pedjaeven libinput has to do it. apparently, zero or very little configuration doesn't work very well with the real world hardware22:45
pedjaespecially weird hw like laptops22:46
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