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jaegeryeah, enabling that option creates it. logname still says "no login name"00:03
jaegerThe file contains the same value no matter which user is logged in and whether or not I check from X, su, or basic login00:04
jaegerand always "no login name"00:05
jaegerSo I dunno what use that is00:05
stenurI should try building without AUDIT, neither apparmor nor selinux here.00:21
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TimB_does somebody here have a line for to use with ck4up?09:08
TimB_okay, seems to work easily enough without much effort. cool.09:16
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Romsterbeen thinking of openblas TimB_ just hadn't done anything for it.11:44
TimB_Romster: I pushed openblas to my libreoffice repo as well as to my personal one, it includes an alias for lapack now so it can be fully replaced11:49
TimB_couldn't find any flaws about it11:50
Romsteri see i'll look at it later11:50
TimB_okay, no rush :)11:50
Romsterstill breaking i mean fixing other ports :D11:51
TimB_I am still at setting up ck4up for all the perl modules11:51
Romsteri'm like 50% of all ports in crux or something... got to prune a few at some point.11:51
Romsterand fix others up that are out of date and a few don't compile.11:52
TimB_well yeah, anything I have forked from you and you want to drop, let me know, I can take them over11:52
pedjaRomster, btw, glslang-7.11.3188 works fine with 1.1.106 vulkan stack, afaict12:02
Romstercool i seen the update is out. just not touched it yet12:37
Romsterhopefully you are not mad at me pedja12:38
pedjaI was. not any more :)12:38
Romstersorry i apologise for that12:38
pedjaaccepted :)12:38
Romsterstarted out just getting shaderc to work12:39
Romsterand it led me down a rabbit hole12:39
pedjaspeaking of shaderc, iirc, upstream is slow in rolling the release, so I'd advise rolling the tarball from git master12:40
pedjamay help getting rid of some patches12:41
Romstersounds good.12:41
Romstermpv has been running good since vulkan worked again.12:42
pedjait's been a while since I tested it, thou, but mpv picked it up fine, iirc12:42
Romsterafaik the API is stable currently12:42
Romsterjust they are trying to decide where things fit in each package and the splitting they are doing.12:43
Romsterstill a little confused on the headers12:43
pedjathe problem is, glslang still doesn't use system spirv-*, not merged upstream yet. yes, it's a mess :)12:48
Romsternote the name= on both of those are the same.12:48
pedjawell, damn :) thanks, I didn't see that12:49
Romsterdid you look over the opt ones i cleaned up?12:50
Romsterand tried to figure out the dependencies better12:51
pedjanot yet, I've been cleaning up some of my repos12:51
Romsterbtw what's the deal with the files that have sdk and the ones that don't of the same name?12:52
Romstersame name/same project12:52
pedjasdk ones have gone thru the additional internal testing at khronos/google/etc12:54
Romster i had to use a really new commit as a include header file was missing in the release version12:55
Romsterah so best to keep on the SDK12:55
Romsteri mean they are alkl really sdks just those ones are verified12:56
TimB_^ didn't know you can download commits as tar.gz as well, nice12:56
Romsteryeah i figured that out on github12:56
Romsteri should probably be using the same SPIRV-Headers on both ports but yeah i went a bit newer on one as it had a include one of the tools needed to build.12:57
pedjaupstream has promised to tag releases in sync :)12:59
Romsterwell the previous one isn't in sync :)12:59
Romsterbut yeah tagging it in sync is a good idea12:59
pedjabut they are still figuring it out, with the move from lunar to khronos, and adding additional CI from vendors13:00
Romsterright i figured it's a work in progress13:03
Romstercan't be any worse than gstreamer or rust or anything like that :)13:04
pedjait's not that bad most of the time13:07
pedjaand, with google pushing webgpu, it will only get more attention over time13:07
Romsterlet me guess accelerate everything on the GPU13:08
Romsterit's because we got shaders now and 4k and we don't need any more GPU power... what can we do to use it? ah webgpu13:09
Romstersince cryptomining is slowing down13:09
Romsterah that replaces webgl13:10
pedjavulkan, metal, d3d12. that should cover pretty much anything13:13
Romsternot sure what metal is.14:01
pedjaapple thingie, replaced opengl/openc, afaik14:01
Romsterah i kind of gathered it might be apple related14:02
pedjamoltenvk is vulkan<->metal14:05
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