IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-05-05

frinnstnot returning an error on upgrade of a not-installed package would be unfortunate imho12:43
ryuofrinnst: i fail to see the difference myself. it can replace the original package if it it exists or just add it if it doesn't. not sure why you need an explicit distinction.15:37
jueTimB_: got the mozjs/polkit ports working, if you like you can try polkit 0.116 with mozjs60 from my repo16:13
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TimB_jue: works fine with the same changes for 3.518:53
onoderaI'm trying to install 3.5 on my VPS and it is saying "error while loading shared library"20:41
onoderathis don't happen when installing it on my pc20:41
onoderathis is at boot time when booting the iso20:42
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ryuolol... someone told me that the windows 10 forced reboots felt nostalgic for them. it reminded them of the 90s.22:49

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