IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-05-07

ryuofrinnst: have you ever had a network fault traced to a bad switch port? for some reason my unmanaged port has issues on one port. i can't get a reliable connect anymore on one of them.04:52
ryuoerr unmanaged switch04:53
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pedjaxkeyboard-config-2.26 has been out for a while now. no changelog, thou13:40
frinnstryuo: not really. I've had ports that were fucked over by bad firmware13:42
frinnstor bad cables13:42
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juepedja: I'd like to add you to our Wiki.ContribMembers page14:58
juepedja: but for that I need your realname14:58
pedjajue, Predrag Ivanović15:01
pedjayou can s/ć/c/ if you don't want to bother with weird latin characters :)15:05
jueseems to work ->
juecreate a short personal page and the '?' will go ;)15:12
pedjanothing interesting to say about me, so I'll probably write a random haiku instead15:22
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ryuofrinnst: i see. i have no firmware to update... it's a dumb switch.17:35
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