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jaegerI'll build another 3.5 rc soon, did anyone have anything they want me to fix/check for the next one?03:40
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TimB_jaeger: not me so far07:58
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jueFYI, I talked with Alan about *.kit and spidermonkey, he agrees that we should update to latest versions11:07
jueI've just committed the 3 ports to our 3.5 branch11:08
juenote that polkit is optional for consolekit11:08
juemy old port of consolekit differs from the new one a bit, I've added the stuff from BLFS11:11
juesecond note: the consolekit port uses the sources from consolekit2, but the name of the port is still consolekit11:12
jueplease report any problems, thanks ;)11:13
TimB_ guess this can be closed? :)11:13
TimB_jue: maybe you can incoperate the patch I have within my port? It was spamming the syslog with meaningless messages (according to some old issue report in upstream) and this made it stop :)11:14
TimB_ck2 that is11:14
juefor consolekit?11:15
TimB_my desktop is still running fine with your polkit/js packages btw :) tested with flatpak and networkmanager mainly11:15
TimB_it makes the warning a debug message, so it doesn't spam the log if it occures, iirc it was traced to an harmless hw-fault? not sure.. but nothing that could be changed otherwise11:16
frinnstjue: goodie. Then I can drop my own port of it. testing now12:12
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pedjajue, wrt consolekit/polkit/js update, so far so good :)13:11
pedjaI've used ports from 3.5 branch, since I use pam already13:11
jaegerTimB_: good deal, thanks14:11
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TimB_np! one question about the naming of consolekit though, wouldn't it be better to name the port according to upstream (making it visible that it is not 'the old upstream')?15:29
pedjawhen the upstream changed for jdk, the name stayed the same. consolekit2 is the new upstream, since the old one is pretty much dead at this point, afaik15:32
TimB_ok, roger :)15:33
pedjaimho, of course :)15:35
TimB_I am okay with either, it was just out of curiosity, because I did append the 2 without giving it a second thought when I packed that up :)15:37
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dlcusaWell, this is weird and I suppose no one else is encountering this misbehavior in prt-get cache--I added another local port and the cache has the info for an older local port (wireshark) for the cache entry of the new port (librsvg).  Running prt-get cache again produces an identical cache file.17:16
dlcusaThe cache entry for my wireshark port is the same (and correct).17:20
dlcusaAnd, no, ext4 does not seem to have a weird sym or hard link affecting the two directories (thank God!).17:21
dlcusaAnd, somehow, the contents of the wireshark Pkgfile got appended to the librsvg Pkgfile, so prt-get is cleared of any wrong doing.17:38
TimB_jue: polkit needs intltool, fails to build in a clean container without17:49
TimB_dlcusa: no idea there, sorry17:51
jueTimB_: thanks, fixed17:56
TimB_jue: now I have a footprint mismatch :)
TimB_looks like gobject-introspection?18:00
jueyeah, seems so18:01
TimB_well, plus the user issue, we need a pre-install it seems18:01
juethere is a pre-install18:02
TimB_sorry, I was blind18:02
TimB_it's still mismatched even with --with-polkit-{user,group}=polkitd..18:04
dlcusaTimB_, it's not a problem anymore--some kind of DUE, apparently.18:07
juehmm, how so?18:09
TimB_gir related mismatch is gone, user mismatch stayed18:11
TimB_builds fine on my desktop :D18:12
TimB_no idea why18:13
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