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Romsterjue> FYI, I talked with Alan about *.kit and spidermonkey, he agrees that we should update to latest versions <- why can't alan update his ports like the rest of us do?02:29
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jueRomster: no urgent reason to, only spidermonkey was broken on 3.507:07
jueRomster: btw, just curious, what happend to the vulkan* ports? IIRC they all were maintained by pedja in contrib?07:10
ryuoamusing. i found a way to emulate C++ default arguments with variadic macros.07:27
TimB_what can I do if tek_ doesn't reply? I have 2 issues in flyspray open for him, as do others (jmf for example). should I write him an email to see if he replys on that?08:31
jueTimB_: yeah, try that. In past he responded to all my emails.09:11
jueTimB_: I've just updated wireshark to 2.6.8 which is latest old stable and includes several security fixes09:12
TimB_ok, will do.09:32
TimB_email sent.. and now we wait (some more) :)09:48
TimB_jue: regarding wireshark, I don't use it, but the source url change suggested by jmf was not bad, because when there will be a new old stable release the source will get invalid again09:49
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juesure, I use that10:51
TimB_sorry, I keep forgetting that most of the pushes happen in the 3.4 branch ~.~10:53
juehope we will have 3.5 soon, the effort to have two active branches is not negligible11:13
TimB_yeah, I have at least one port I wanted to put in contrib which depends on the newer openssl, so I think I'll just prepare everything for 3.5 :)11:15
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pedjajue, vulkan ports? hostile-ish takeover :)13:32
pedjaTimB_, your ostree port is in your repo?13:43
TimB_pedja: should be, yes13:48
pedjaI might steal^Wborrow it, ostree seems to be a dependency for podman13:49
TimB_sure. I mean, I was planning on putting that in contrib in time for 3.5, so sometime soon, but you can take it over if you need it now13:51
pedjaTimB_, nah, I'll just use it now while I package and test podman and friends. if/when I push it to contrib, it'll depend on your port :)13:53
TimB_ok :) just so you know, I am cool with all that kind of stuff, I don't need to see my name on top of it, a little notification if it's more than just a simple version bump so I can actually see and learn about it would be cool.13:54
TimB_else I'll always try to keep stuff updated fairly regularly :) I am also open for any kind of improvement you might want to make13:55
pedjaif I have to make any changes to it, I'll eventually attach a patch to flyspray task for review, so you can take a look.13:57
TimB_okay, I agree this is the best way. I am still a little bit confused about many old tasks open in flyspray tbh. I set some flags for issues that could be closed in the past days already14:04
TimB_like <- this for example14:08
TimB_I mean, Alan seemed okay with the bump of polkit, maybe jue could also do one on sbc? o:)14:09
pedjaTimB_, could you send me a e-mail with links to fs tasks, so I can take a look?14:09
TimB_I can prepare one later if you want, but I haven't gone through every single one of them, just the ones that mattered to me in some way14:10
TimB_texlive for example, or lxc14:11
pedjaI don't expect for you to do all the work :) just the ones that caught your attention is fine14:12
TimB_I don't mind doing some legwork, all cool :) I'll take some time for it, I just saw another one regarding consolekit which should now be resolved as well with switching to ck214:13
pedjamuch appreciated14:14
pedjaI go thru fs tasks from time to time, but I've been lazy lately :)14:16
juejust closed some things14:16
TimB_looks like those old patches regarding manpages against opt and contrib are gone :) they seemed pointless to be kept around14:22
jueryuo: that's something for you ->
TimB_pedja: I took the liberty and used your zsh suggestions in my fork of the port
pedjaTimB_, nice :)14:29
TimB_I think I didn't pick that one up in the mail, but it should be done by now?
juefixed sbc14:33
TimB_great, thanks jue. I can drop my version14:34
TimB_ oh, there it is14:40
juewill close that too, is fix for all official ports at least14:51
TimB_there is still a lot in contrib using /usr/man, should I try and prepare another patch for them?14:53
TimB_83 ports according to prtverify..14:54
juenot important, but sooner or later that should be fixed as well ...14:56
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