IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-05-12

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TimB_contrib/cyrus-sasl needs a version bump to compile against 3.5s openssl07:12
TimB_tek_: ^07:13
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nomiuspam, polkit... I guess systemd is gonna be in 3.6/4.0...23:09
pedjathat was supposed to be a surprise, damn it23:16
NomiusThere's no way anynore to opt out for pam & polkit?23:21
ryuomy word. they add PAM and it's now the end of the world? o.O23:30
Nomiusmy word: It's not the end of the world, I'm just asking... *sight*23:31
ryuowell... your thought about systemd suggested otherwise.23:32
ryuoACTION shrugs.23:32
ryuoi don't know why they added PAM.23:33
NomiusSo you add systemd and then that's the end of the world? You really need to adjust your priorities bro :-P23:33
ryuoright... projection mcuh?23:33
NomiusYou tell us :-P23:34
ryuoOk... i've been trolled. good to know.23:36
pedjaNomius, pam no, polkit is (still) optional23:38
pedjaPAM adds some neat features, and it's stable by this point, so it made sense to add it23:39
pedjaI've been using it for months, no issues so far23:39
Nomiuspedja: Understand... Although pam has been stable for a while now...23:39
Nomiusa while = quite a few years23:40
pedjawell, CRUX is conservative that way :)23:40
NomiusIt does look like it's gonna be harder and harder to get rid of systemd... I want to see how things evolve...23:41
ryuoi don't see polkit becoming a core component. it's likely to remain optional.23:41
pedjajue and frinnst hate it, so likely :)23:41
ryuoNomius: my apologies, but it came across as someone complaining about systemd. i get tired of hearing about it myself.23:42
NomiusI'm neutral there...23:43
NomiusI like some features of systemd but I don't like other ones...23:43
pedjathat's true for any software23:44
NomiusMy system boots with kernel + sysvinit only, no boot scripts, nothing in /etc/rc.d or init.d23:44
NomiusAlthough I'm extremely minimalist...23:45
ryuoextremist? :D23:45
NomiusI wrote a few patches to sysvinit to handle variables...23:46
NomiusAaaaajjjj, that's my oldest inittab, I have another one a little bit more documented23:49
ryuoi wonder when they'll declare systemd to be outmoded and rewrite it. :D23:54
ryuowon't that be funny23:54

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