IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-05-15

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TimB_Romster: ccache 3.7.1 is out and upstream url changed to, download url is now on github:
frinnstthese new hip TLD are so stupid. Hold my beer when i renew my .guru domain07:35
Romsterwait until a TLD disappears08:17
ryuoi'm still waiting for a .ster TLD.08:47
frinnstfun times08:48
ryuowhy would anyone want a domain names that reaks of failure?08:48
Romsterryuo, i would be grabbing a heap of .ster names if it did exist08:58
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frinnstACTION pokes pedja 12:43
frinnstseems intel has new microcode out for the new fuckup12:43
pedjathat zombiesomething thing? I'll push the update in a couple of hours12:46
ryuoi never thought i'd see vulnerabilities in the actual CPU.12:48
pedjaisn't one of the highlights for new intel cpu gen that they finally addressed some vulns in silicon instead of microcode?12:50
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pedjawhere did debian get that (2090514), I wonder. the latest official on Intel site is 20180807a12:56
pedjaand suse ships 20190507 as the latest. wth13:00
pedjaah, github. of course13:01
pedjafrinnst, should I add the [notify] thingie to commit message?13:12
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pedja'disable hyperthreading'. that's Intels answer to everything these days :)14:14
Romsterglad i don't run intel :D14:49
jaegeryou're totally safe :)15:21
Romsternot really :) but just don't like the idea of meltdown and other bugs, amd has there fair share of bugs too.15:24
jaegerIt's handy at least that we can check mitigation status directly from the kernel now15:25
jaegerpedja mentioned it in #crux, the /sys file15:25
jaegerI use a line like this to check them now and then: for v in /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*; do echo -n "${v##*/}: "; cat ${v}; done15:26
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