IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-05-17

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NomiusCrux is dropping pulseaudio in 3.5?02:29
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jaegerdropping in what way?03:31
NomiusI didn't see the package in the rc iso03:32
jaegerpulseaudio has never been on the ISO03:35
jaegerIt'll still be in contrib and my repo at least, maybe others03:35
NomiusI saw it in opt in 3.503:37
NomiusI thought you guys was including it for firefox03:37
jaegerAh, maybe it's in opt, I didn't remember that... but it's not on the ISO03:37
jaegerthe set of opt packages on the ISO is limited03:37
NomiusInteresting... My understanding was that you guys was including it for firefox03:54
jaegerI don't think it's a requirement04:05
NomiusOnly if you want sound04:26
TimB_when you build firefox from source you can still use alsa iirc08:07
frinnstpa is in opt for 3.509:27
frinnstits not on the iso because its not necessary09:27
frinnstfirefox-bin is on the iso because it's "necessary" to access documentation after a new x11 install but you won't have audio support without PA09:28
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stenurNomius: i use apulse, as in "apulse firefox"; luckily works fine!14:32
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TimB_tek_: contrib/p5-module-build needs a bump against the newer perl version in core18:43
TimB_in 3.5 ports tree18:43
frinnsta lot of contrib stuff usually lag behind19:01
TimB_figures, such stuff is easily forgotten :) I just noticed it in a container so I mentioned it19:05
TimB_frinnst: I mean, I could just bump it but I have no idea if that's okay with everybody?19:08
TimB_I mean, I have still no reply from tek_ on my mail ~7days ago19:09
jaegerWe probably need to have a policy on a "reasonable amount of wait time" for a response to that sort of thing19:22
jaegeronce that time is up, if no response, go ahead and update it. that sort of thing19:22
jaegerIt's great that we try to be polite to each other about our ports but there's a point where they become far outdated19:22
TimB_agreed. plus I could need an wiki account too, might add some lxc related stuff19:24
TimB_or is there none needed?19:25
TimB_nope, asks for credentials when I visit a new page and hit edit19:26
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jaegerThere was a problem in the past with spam bots if I remember right19:49
TimB_well, no hurry about that. I think the script and ports readme are pretty straight forward. have you had a chance to look?20:24
jaegerAt the LXC stuff? Not yet, sorry20:48
jaegerProbably won't get to this weekend, either, have company coming20:48
TimB_it's not running away =) I just got a static ip configured on my base container, which is nice to use with ssh -X20:54
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