IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-05-21

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jueTimB_: thanks, fixed now14:11
juejaeger: good news, looking forward to rc1 :)14:15
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TimB_damn, I missed my quarterly window :D19:56
TimB_jue: np :) I wonder how many users would be hit by that.. but explicit over implicit, right?19:58
jaegerI wonder if I should consider reverting the ISO's 'all-in-memory' stance for the rootfs20:59
jaegerBack when I made those changes the ISO was much smaller20:59
jaegerIt made sense back then but now with default tmpfs settings you'd need something like 1240MB of RAM to successfully boot the ISO21:04
jaegerIf we explicitly set the size of the tmpfs to contain the rootfs you still need ~620MB21:05
jaegerThe benefit of the current setup is that the installation media can be unmounted after boot... but the use cases for that are probably not common21:05
jaegersemi-related, I bought an IODD 2531, very cool little device21:43
jaegerI put all my crux, system rescue cd, dell update, freedos, etc. ISOs on it, can switch between them quickly21:43
pedjasomeone mentioned that gadget before here, iirc.21:51
jaegeryeah, I think so, that's why I mentioned it now21:53
pedjasupports vmdk's too? cool21:54
pedjaagreed, cool device :)21:55
pedjamuch more handy then multiboot usb21:56
pedjawhich is PITA most of the time21:56
jaegera neat feature is that I can test booting a CRUX ISO both in cdrom mode and usb flash mode22:18
pedjathat's a 2.5' enclosure, right? so you can use ssd instead of spinning rust?22:24
pedjaI saw in the specs that some models support aes256 encryption. that's interesting22:28
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jaegeryeah, I put a cheap SSD in it, works great22:49
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