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frinnstjaeger: yeah it needs to change for 3.6. I think 2gb of ram is needed to boot the iso08:03
frinnstwhile the installed system runs fine with 256mb :-)08:04
ryuofrinnst: yea... that's why i'm probably going to increase ram usage in pkgutils a tad if it buys me a good performance boost.09:53
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jaegerI'll see if I can minimize it for the 3.5 release but maybe change back to the older behavior for 3.613:52
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Romsteris our nvidia driver that old?14:22
RomsterLatest Long Lived Branch Version: 430.1414:23
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jaegerRomster: that's one release, heh14:29
jaegerso yes14:29
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Romsteri only noticed because i updated and looked and went oh still out of date. now i see vulkan version bumps are needed15:03
pedja1.1.99 is api version in nvidia vulkan icd json thingie15:15
pedjafor 430.1415:15
Romsteryes, i was looking and went oh other than possibly bumping spirv-tools to 2019.315:17
Romsterthe rest are at SDK still15:17
Romstereh is 430.14 a beta or stable...15:22
pedjastable lts15:24
pedjathat vulkan driver is in perpetual beta :)15:24
Romsterand yet 418.52.05 is a beta but it's lower than 4.30.1415:24
Romsteryeah i know pedja15:25
Romstervulkan is gonna be for a long time15:25
pedjaafaik, there are several separate driver tracks, and things get merged back and forth :)15:28
Romsterwhat a headache15:28
Romsterit's like they cherry pick a stable release out of the chaos15:29
pedjanot really, is a canonical place to get release info15:29
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jaegerwill probably push 430.14 today, not seeing problems with it so far16:41
pedjame neither, fwiw. bonus is that it compiles with 5.1.x kernel :)16:43
juehmmm, iputils switched to meson/ninja16:46
jueI tend to move iputils to opt for now16:47
jaegerprobably fine, I don't think it's needed in core specifically16:48
pedjait's annoying when upstream makes the switch to meson and not carry over all the config options16:49
pedjalike libwnck16:49
juejaeger: yeah16:50
juejaeger: has you started the bootstrap already?16:51
jaegeryes, but it's no problem to start a new one. It doesn't require anything but waiting16:52
jueI'd say no, the iputils update/move isn't really important17:00
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jaegerOK, looks like I can get by with 768MB RAM to install 3.5-rc120:08
tek__frinnst: there's llvm,clang 8.x out. Objections regarding updating (because of mesa)?20:16
jaegertek__: you're alive! how are things going?20:16
tek__I am, also had interaction with jue over weekend20:17
tek__things are fine. I have seen Chicago recently. What a beautiful city of architecture :-)20:17
jaegerhope all is well20:17
tek__how are you?20:17
tek__well it is, but rather busy. D:20:18
jaegerKeeping busy but doing well, thanks20:18
jaegerYeah, I understand that20:18
tek__I am thrilled to see 3.5 approaching20:20
tek__but pam? o_o20:20
jaegerbah, you won't even notice it's there :D20:20
jaeger(ok, you might, but if we do it properly it won't get in the way)20:20
tek__that's how I like my fancy features. Barely noticable :P20:21
tek__I'm sure it's a good addition in the way you organized it20:22
jaegerI hope it is... because it does add some nice features (I think without causing trouble)20:22
tek__now you made me curious. Will roam the handbook some time later :]20:23
tek__a friend of mine also asked a question on IRC 20 days ago, I really need to stop by more often.20:24
jaegerat least timb has been trying to find you here20:25
tek__aaanyway. Let me know if I can support with things. I saw that received a long needed update; thx for picking this up20:25
tek__yeah I am aware that texlive needs love20:25
tek__hello TimB20:25
jaegerok, I updated the RAM requirement in Handbook3-5-Install20:26
TimB_I really hope I wasn't going on your nerves, I had some stuff I'd like to talk with you about20:26
jaegerBut I will make it a project to update the ISO to allow for both modes of installation in the future20:26
tek__TimB_: you did not. Let's chat some time after Sunday20:26
tek__I like some ideas I have seen in flyspray..20:27
tek__(meant as a positive comment!)20:27
TimB_tek__: great, I can work with that20:27
TimB_fine :) I am open for suggestions20:27
jaegerjue, frinnst: I would advocate for changing the "driver(s) included in bootkernel" section of the handbook to say something like "The kernel is compiled with most common disk/storage and USB controllers" instead of having the explicit list which is probably woefully outdated20:28
tek__btw, I asked once, I'll ask twice: anybody gave the iris driver in mesa3d-git a test drive?20:35
TimB_not me20:36
jaegerI don't think I have any iris hardware20:38
tek__I have a i915 chip and it plazs 1080p at 50% (gl) vs 10% (iris)20:41
TimB_maybe I could test this on my notebook. Do you have a modified Pkgfile for that?20:42
jaegerI have a UHD 620 in my laptop20:42
jaegerdoesn't seem to be iris20:43
tek__TimB_: I dont, I can paste the changed configure line, it should suffice20:44
TimB_sure, I'll give it a try20:45
TimB_just checked, haswell i3 that runs with i91520:45
TimB_but, maybe I'll just check, I run 3.5 already and the build system for mesa3d changed to meson20:46
tek__meson --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc -Dllvm=true -Dgbm=true -Dgles1=true -Dgles2=true -Dglx=auto -Dosmesa=gallium -Dgallium-xa=true -Dgallium-vdpau=true -Dshared-llvm=true -Dplatforms=x11,drm -Dgallium-drivers=r300,r600,svga,swrast,radeonsi,iris -Dvulkan-drivers=amd,intel -Dglvnd=true20:46
tek__I dont have the actual brnach name handy either, but I found it at or around
TimB_oh, alright, I'll take a look around20:48
tek__19.1 seems to have this at least:
frinnstjaeger: heh yeah20:50
TimB_ok, there is an rc for 19.1, I'll check it out20:50
TimB_what am I expecting? :P20:51
frinnsttek__: no objection from me. it usually breaks but we deal with that. just a [notify] should be fine20:51
frinnstor if you want, just push it to 3.520:51
tek__jaeger: alright with you?20:53
tek__besides linking, this should not cause any issues, Pkgfile only needed a version bump iirc20:53
jaegerOK by me, though I will do a new bootstrap after the push, of course20:54
tek__8.0.1 scheduled for may 20 but not realesed, btw20:55
tek__I will push 8.0.0 and track closely for .1 to come out20:55
TimB_tek__: ok, got it installed with iris support. what data do you want?21:10
tek__CPU usage for 1080p. That's what counts for my battery ;-)21:21
TimB_ok. mplayer or mpv picks it up automatically?21:22
tek__mplayer does not for me (did not recompile, should not be needed). vlc did.21:26
TimB_I'll try to compile vlc without qt4.. I try to avoid that21:31
tek__yes. I also only run cvlc21:33
TimB_k, give that haswell a minute or two21:33
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ryuopeople are weird...21:42
ryuohow does anyone expect us to give an answer when their question makes no sense or lacks in details?21:45
TimB_tek__: builds fine against qt5, so that works. runs around 60% ootb, no configuration21:46
TimB_reports libva errors in console output though21:47
tek__libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/dri/i965_drv_video.so21:47
tek__which belongs to libva-intel21:47
TimB_it does the same for me then [00007f34c80017c0] glconv_vaapi_x11 gl error: vaInitialize: unknown libva error21:48
tek__libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_1_421:48
tek__for me21:48
TimB_I need libvdpau-va-gl21:50
TimB_[h264 @ 0x7fb424c341c0] Failed setup for format vdpau: hwaccel initialisation returned error.21:51
tek__think so.21:52
tek__dont have that Oo21:52
tek__nope: ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/vdpau/': No such file or directory21:53
TimB_I am poking around, let's see what falls of the trees21:56
TimB_ryuo: makes a weird impression, true. maybe he just doesn't relize he is way off what he actually tries to get done yet?21:59
ryuoTimB_: what's the issue?22:03
TimB_ryuo: trying out mesa3d with iris support for intel i91522:04
ryuoi see.22:04
ryuoisn't that only really new hardware?22:04
TimB_No idea, if so, I'm out :D22:04
TimB_tek__: and yes, just tried and update of vlc to 3.0.6, doesn't change it, libva error, maybe it's not compatible with that dated haswell chipset? I haven't looked it up22:05
ryuoi just recall that libva-intel is limited to older hardware.22:05
tek__model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz22:05
TimB_yeah this one is 2013ish I think22:07
TimB_ this however might work22:07
tek__jaeger: pushing tomorrow. too stupid for patch(1) atm.22:09
TimB_ok, seems like I got it tek__22:22
TimB_oh wow, nice. dropped from 40-80 (I'd say around 60%) to 4-8%22:23
tek__cool. What was the trick?22:23
TimB_I'll add those to contrib22:23
tek__gotta go22:24
TimB_well, either add the intel-hybrid-driver port or I don't need that and it's just libva-intel that I missed22:24
TimB_but with those installed, it works22:24
TimB_yeah, doesn't seem to need the hybrid driver, not sure what arch is all about22:26
TimB_ha, mpv needs --vo=vdpau, complains about it being inefficient and I should change back to --vo=gpu, but same benefit as vlc22:28
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