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TimB_so, no matter what I do, xorg chooses i965 over the hybrid driver the archwiki talks about00:04
jaegertek__: no problem00:10
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frinnstpoke newbie in #crux if you want to tweak the urltitle bot (or remove it for that matter)09:21
Romstershould core/curl link to stuff in opt?
Romsterand to rtmpdump (contrib)10:20
Romsterin crux 3.410:20
TimB_romster: seems like dynamically linked? just had a look in a clean container, only core deps found10:23
TimB_on 3.5 that is, but I suppose that won't change between versions.10:25
TimB_also rebuilds fine with not much more than core installed10:25
Romsteryeah it's what i refer to as soft dependencies, not listed on "depends on" but picked up if on the system11:17
Romsterthat's what it shows on my system11:18
Romsterin a container yeah just core works11:18
TimB_I know what you mean11:18
Romsteri just tried to build curl-32 on my system and it failed becuase it's looking for brotli-32 because i got brotli on my system11:20
TimB_I think the steam repo has it11:20
TimB_for obvious reasons :P11:20
Romsterso i either package brotli-32 or disable it11:20
Romsterbut not list it as a dependency because it's a soft dependency11:20
Romsterprt-get cat dbus-3211:21
Romsteri had to put in a check there if dbus has xorg-libx11 present11:22
TimB_mh, mh, I noticed that before11:22
Romsteryeah it's fun11:22
TimB_I know, KISS, and this seems like complicating things, but it's not KISS if it 'just brakes' because xy is installed11:23
TimB_what if you don't stop building but install the missing port from within dbus-32 for example?11:24
TimB_or a dynamically generated depends line system?11:25
Romsteri did think of that but i am not sure that is a) possible b) malicious11:25
Romsterthere are minimalists out there that want to install stuff with the bare minimum11:26
Romsterhence why i made ffmpeg have soft dependencies for most things.11:26
Romsterto try and save duplication11:26
Romsteri probably need to do the same to gstreamer stuff too. but no one has complained about that yet11:27
TimB_maybe that's the best way to do it for CRUX11:28
Romsterthose that use *-32 ports have to accept it may not complete a depinst, if they have extra stuff on there system11:28
TimB_guess I'll need to take that into account with my steam repo, I have brotli-32 in there11:30
TimB_and it's not a soft dependency11:30
Romsteri would love to see prt-get be able to see that port b-32 "depends on: and "optional:" and if it sees port a that depends on b has any of b-32's optional ports installed to also include b-32's optional ports as part of the "depends on" ports11:30
Romsterbut that's not in the crux KISS way11:31
Romsterso i just go aobut adding README's and warnings in to Pkgfiles on any thing i've noticed. or seen others ask about.11:31
TimB_for me, all the desktop stuff I want to use just pulls about everything anyway.. I can't flee some of them, and gave up about others (pulseaudio for example)11:33
Romsterstill avoiding pulseaudio but i feel i'll give in one day...11:34
TimB_nextcloud-client alone pulls qt5, qtwebengine and qtwebkit :D I might think about replacing it with simple webdav, but I like the client11:35
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TimB_still, I need all that qt stuff for rstudio sometimes, so this is two use cases, and it looks like that for other stuff as well. just look at the deptree of libreoffice x_X11:36
Romsterall 3 that i maintain11:41
TimB_thanks for that :311:41
TimB_romster: have you tried libreoffice yet?11:42
Romsternope but i intend too11:43
TimB_hehe, just do it11:43
TimB_steam is still not displaying any icon for me, ported the gtk theme engines, noticed those were missing, but they didn't change anything. ~.~ Still not sure what's missing there, all else seems to work there11:47
TimB_(the -32 counterparts of the engines)11:47
Romstersteam is 32bit still?11:52
TimB_yeah :/11:52
TimB_haven't seen anything about 64bit on their github page11:52
Romsterspeaking of brotli updates the version and makes a -32 of it11:56
Romsteryeah i already got that done but thanks12:01
TimB_ah, it was sitting in my steam repo :)12:01
Romsteri just copied opt/brotli and did the changes manually.12:02
Romsternot hard12:02
Romsterwell not hard when i've done so many of them :)12:02
Romsterand don't forget the .32bit file :D12:03
TimB_never :D12:03
TimB_have a look around the steam repo, like already said before, it would fit in compat-32 at some time12:03
TimB_maybe already, I haven't tested it in a full DE (got mate installed but never run it)12:03
Romsteryeah i should start to look into pulling that in.12:04
Romsterdo i have access or do i just look at that archive i got.12:04
TimB_you have access on github12:04
TimB_I haven't cared on updating it yet, because I was always trying to get indicators working..12:05
Romsteri see12:05
TimB_and it's just working in that state over here, tested building in containers 3 times over and runs fine on my desktop12:06
Romsterwith something like that you need to update one thing at a time, check for ABI breakage or so name changes with revdep if so rebuild and test.12:07
TimB_good tip12:07
Romsterif fail don't commit that change and pkgadd -u the old version and move onto the next dependency12:08
Romsteryeah and then oh crux x needs y needs z updated.... rabbit hole12:08
TimB_fun =)12:09
URLtitle[ Git - ports/compat-32.git/commitdiff ] - crux.nu12:21
Romsterwho's bot is that?12:21
Romsterok and who is newbie--?12:23
frinnstfriend of mine12:23
Romsterah i see so not a random12:23
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frinnstprobably not needed in here12:24
Romsterdid he or you close that12:24
Romsterthe bot making days eh12:24
frinnstupdated the config to only live in #crux12:25
Romsterdoes it expand short urls?12:26
frinnstdont know, try it12:26
frinnstonly displays the title for the redirected page12:27
Romsterugh i failed the logic in curl-32 goes to fix12:28
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frinnstRomster: "we are happy to announce the release 2.2.0 of libidn2."19:42
ryuotalk about odd... a web server... written in x86_64 asm.21:13
tek__jaeger: llvm commited, clang will take another 30 minutes21:30
jaegersounds good21:32
tek__knock yourself out :>21:32
jaegerok, checking it ou21:52
pedjallvm/clang 8?21:54
pedja3.5 only?21:55
pedjathey are locked on my system anyway, I am just asking out of curiosity :)21:56
pedjastill at 7.021:57
pedjaand tek__ welcome back :)21:58
jaegerI wonder if people use iputils on the ISO22:09
jaegerif so I need to add it to packages.opt22:09
jaegerIs anyone working on merging opt 3.4 into 3.5 currently? I'll stay away from it if so22:13
jaegerI guess that's a no, I'll try to fix the merge conflicts shortly22:36
jaegerok, I think I've fixed the merge conflicts properly23:05
jaegerIt was all python3 stuff, let me know if I screwed anything up23:05
Worksterthis evening i am at work now i'll merge opt to 3.5 if no one else gets to it before me23:19
Worksterit's 9:19am now23:19
jaegerI already did it, see above comments23:22
jaegerso I could start a bootstrap :)23:22
jaegerwhich I have now started23:22
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