IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-05-25

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RomsterTimB_, tek__ i fixed the conflict in clang03:07
TimB_Romster: saw that commit, thanks :)05:28
juejaeger: thanks for rc1 :) just did a fresh install and an update, works fine only one little issue:11:44
juewe have two iputils on the iso, the old version in core and the new version in opt.11:45
juethis gives an error in the install stage if core and opt are selected11:46
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jaegeroops. totally my fault, forgot to remove the core one. I'll fix that today14:16
jaegerok, fixed rc1 is uploaded15:38
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stenurDo i get this right at the moment - llvm 8.0 build llvm 8.0, and clang 8 has its own llvm 8.0 and builds it, too?17:46
stenurCould that be avoided with -DLLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB=ON?17:54
stenurhm, no. sigh.18:00
stenuralso with symlink and LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS=clang, no. Puh, that is huge and grazy.18:20
jaegerno idea here, I don't install clang for anything18:29
Nomius_anyone using bluetooth devices here?18:37
Nomius_I mean, with CRUX :-)18:37
TimB_Nomius_: it was working for me with bluez5 and pulseaudio when I tried, haven't had it working wihtout pulse though it should be doable18:38
TimB_on the other hand, haven't used it in over a year and maybe longer, so can't say I am actually using it18:39
jaegerI sometimes use a bluetooth game controller18:39
jaegerbeen a little while since I last set it up18:40
Nomius_bluez port in opt is version 4 right now18:40
Nomius_Anyone has guide or document or something to make my life easier? :-)18:40
jaegerare you running into problems?18:41
TimB_I have a port of bluez5 in my repo, and probably gentoo and arch docs on the topic are good18:41
TimB_I know they helped me out18:41
jaegeryeah, there are a few in the portdb18:44
Nomius_No problems... I bought a Skullcany Venue that should arrive next week... This is the first time I'll "plug" a bluetooth device, so wanted to get ahead a little and build/configure things out before they arrive :-)18:44
jaegerwell, you could install bluez and play with the ctl application but until you have a device to pair, not much else18:45
Nomius_Yeah, I guess I'm just trying to play around to deal with anxiety :-P18:46
jaegerfair enough... well, like TimB_ said, a look at the arch/gentoo wikis might help too18:46
stenurjaeger: i have to for staying bug-compatible; eg. 5.0.1 could not find superclass fields without this-> (of class gview : private su_cs_dict_view, latter extern "C").19:09
stenurI could spin up a VM with FreeBSD and binary updates, of course. Maybe next time.19:10
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