IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-05-26

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Romstercurrently working on compat-32 for crux 3.501:56
jaegerNomius_: I just updated my local copy of kodi-peripheral-joystick and paired my 8bitdo NES30 Pro controller to use with kodi. Works great. :)03:10
jaeger(with bluez 5.48 from my repo)03:11
Nomius_Thanks jaeger, what about audio with non pulseaudio?04:29
jaegerno idea there, I've not messed with BT audio in linux, sorry05:23
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Nomius_jaeger: are you folks aware that a few packages are sending pc files to /usr/lib/pkgconfig while others are doing it to /usr/share/pkgconfig ?22:48

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