IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-05-27

ryuoNomius_: that's typical behavior. it's the same on Debian.01:56
jaegerNot surprised, though I haven't been specifically watching out for it05:45
Romsteryes ones that go to share are not arch specific and/or work on both 32 and 64bit09:13
Romstershared-mime-info schemas and proto to name few09:14
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stenurOn 3.5 i get footprint mismatch errors for cups and gutenprint.13:44
stenurcups adds dbus stuff which the footprint misses.13:44
stenurgutenprint misses lib/cups and other cups related files.13:45
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juestenur: dbus is optional for cups, if you have dbus install you'll get addional files, whereas cups is a dependency of gutenprint so you have to install cups before gutenprint14:13
juebut I've to fix cups for 3.5 because of an new pam file ;)14:15
stenurjue: the former was the logical answer, but thank you, jue.14:32
stenurjue, the explorer.  (I did not see that.)14:32
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TimB_jaeger: currently cleaning out my repos again, I adopted your avahi port and would put it in contrib if that's fine with you? or would you like to put it there maybe?23:09
TimB_same story for dconf23:09
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jaegerI have no objections23:32
TimB_okay, great23:34

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