IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-05-29

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juefrinnst: did you anything with rc0 resp. rc1?14:28
frinnstno sorry14:28
frinnstcrazy busy14:28
frinnstfeel bad :(14:28
frinnsthave a long weekend coming up so I'll play around with it then14:29
jueok, no worries :)14:31
jueI think we are in a pretty good shape with 3.5 and a release should be possible soon14:32
juemaybe we should announce rc1 today and if everything is fine release rc1 as final next week?14:36
frinnstassuming there are no known issues, sure :-)14:36
frinnstI have a few machines to upgrade this weekend14:36
jueyeah, of course14:36
juegreat, let's see how it's goes14:37
juejaeger: what do you think, isn't today a nice day to announce rc1? ;)14:39
frinnstyeha, its sunny out!14:40
ryuofrinnst: were you the one with an APU2?15:09
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jaegerjue: sounds fine to me. :)16:16
TimB_tek__: any chance you are free tonight or maybe tomorrow? :)16:20
frinnstryuo: yeah I have one, don't use it really18:09
frinnstjoachim also has one18:09
frinnstI was hoping to use it as a fw but it cant handle switching vlans since i use my fw as a router-on-a-stick18:10
frinnstget maybe 400-500mbit only18:10
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jueok, announcement sent :)19:01
jue... as a slightly modified version of the rc0 ann19:02
jaegerGreat! Thanks :)19:02
juethanks to you for building the iso :) will do another or even two updates the next days19:08
juebut I don't expect any problems ;)19:09
jaegerNo problem, of course. :) I haven't run into problems with it yet but I haven't done an extensive test. We've had flooding and tornados here lately19:13
ryuofrinnst: I see. i've been considering importing the parts to build my own router.19:22
ryuofor what i have in mind it'd probably be just fine.19:27
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