IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-05-30

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stenurIt is cool that rdate is in core! I dropped all my other NTP stuff.15:08
stenurLeah Neukirchen also has ported the version from OpenBSD to Linux, in her outils.git.15:08
stenurJust say make src/usr.sbin/rdate and then do a copy.15:09
stenurNot that much changed, but much much smaller.15:09
stenurSome things now use memory copies not direct pointers dereferencing, i have not really looked.15:10
stenurBut over a decade of (C compiler) development in between openrdate and that one, anyway.15:11
stenur("Her outils.git" is, actually.)15:16
ryuoWas using colors in wee chat.17:33
stenuryiieeha. :)17:34
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frinnstI just dropped chromium from opt/3.523:10
frinnstmaintainer welcomed23:10
ryuonot sure if anyone cares enough. Google is trying to cripple adblocking in chrome as it is.23:11
frinnstour version is crazy out of date23:11
frinnstand nobody wants to maintain that enormous p.o.s23:11
frinnstshould do everyone a favour and drop it from 3.4 as well23:11

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